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Friday, September 22, 2017

September 22, 2017

As many of you know, my thoughts on Rosh Hashanah always harken back to 1959 at Horace Mann when I told folks I wouldn't be at school the next day because it was a Jewish Holiday.  After school I managed to break my arm and, at the old Medico-Dental Building downtown, acquired a plaster cast. So I WASN'T at school the next day even though I'm not Jewish.  Happy New Year!!

The Colt football team continues to steamroll the opposition.  They beat El Cajon Valley last Friday 35-0.  They travel to Pine Valley to meet Mountain Empire this afternoon at 4PM.

Everything Old Is New Again.  I tucked my iPhone under my pillow and listened to the last two innings of Monday's Padres-Diamondbacks game (we won!!).  Took me back 65 years when I wore a Bakelite headset to bed and listened to Al Schuss announce the PCL Padres on my crystal set.  My mother was certain I was going to strangle myself with all the wires.  

I LOVE the Ig Nobel Awards!!  This year's winners include research papers on "Why Do Old Men Have Big Ears?", "Can Playing The Didgeridoo Cure Sleep Apnea?," and "Can A Cat Be Both A Solid And A Liquid?"  Click HERE for more information.

Colin Fort tells me his classmate Linda Allsbrook Slycord '60 passed away September 7th.  I have not been able to gather additional information.

Randy Borden sends word that his close friend and classmate Kurtis Pulliam ’69 died while snorkeling in Bermuda on August 29th.  Kurtis changed his last name back to Kyser -- his biological father’s name -- after graduation.  He graduated from UCSD, got his PhD at Berkeley and was a professor at Queen’s College in Canada.  Click HERE for an obituary published by the college.  Randy says Kurt was NOT 62 when he died.