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Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!  It’s still dark in PB and supposed to warm back up.  I’m not sure where Nancy and I will end up when she arrives from Escondido.  The tourists are gone so maybe there’s a chance we can park at Green Flash.

I finally got the September newsletter in the mail.  1960 classmates Sandra Mekuchonis, Robert Smith, Mike McKittrick, and Mel Brav are all new subscribers.  Thanks!!

Who knew?  The Crawford football team is 2-0, having beaten Julian 49-0 last Friday.  I guess that league change worked out.  Click HERE to read the article in last week’s U-T.

Sharon Culver Considine '60 poses for a photo at Colina Park with a statue of Ernie Wright, and Chuck Courtney Golf Scholarship winners Eugene Yang and Said Shaba.  Click HERE to see a larger photo and to read the rest of the story.

Four ladies from the Class of ‘59, including an interloper from Texas, had lunch last month at the Macaroni Grille in Escondido.  You’re looking at Jean Pearson Miller, Linda Minyard Isbell, Betty Lopez Parrott and Sandy Riley Holleman.  The interloper, Linda, returned home to husband Ernie and celebrated their 54th anniversary on September 5th.  Of course you can see a larger version of the photo.  Just click HERE.

Jan Worrell Manietta ‘63 has loaned me her 6th Grade photo from Mr. Black’s class at Jackson Elementary.  The good news is, the names are written on the back.  The bad news is they were written with a #4 pencil and I can’t read them.   Click HERE to check out the enlarged view.

Alice Komito ‘70 died of congestive heart failure on September 2nd, according to her friend and classmate Holly Wolf Levin.  She had many health challenges over the years, including several re-occurrences of Hodgkins disease, but was recently happy, healthy and enjoying a new romance.  Alice has two loving children, Jennifer Greene and Jonathan Berry

Memorial service Friday September 20, 4:00 p.m., Dini’s by the Sea in Carlsbad.