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Friday, October 26, 2012

A number of you have asked about Mom.  Nancy and I -- and Nancy's 45-year old autistic daughter Lisa -- visited Mom last Saturday at the residential Alzheimer's facility where she resides.  She actually seemed a little better.  She was eating her dinner and seemed happy to see Nancy.  Me not so much.  As they say -- good days and bad days.

A got such a chuckle out of the Halloween card sent to me by Stephanie Rose Petersen '74, I thought I would share it.  Great minds think alike -- or maybe it's off-color minds. 

Richard Bouman '59 shares the following:  "About 50 years ago or a little more on Halloween night a disc jockey on one of the popular radio stations at the time -- KCBQ, I think -- was talking about "The Ghost of Wheatstone Canyon”.  He said a lady lost her two sons during World War II and every Halloween night at midnight she would come out and look for them because they had lived in the canyon before the war.  He said it was off of Wheatstone St.  A buddy and I were out cruising and decided to go check it out.  Well, so did about 100 other people including some Crawford alumni.  If I remember right it was out Kearny Mesa/ Linda Vista way where the old Navy housing was.  The houses had been torn down but the streets and sidewalks were still there.  So my question is does anyone else remember this or is my old brain playing tricks on me?" 

(I've shared a page from MapQuest that indicates Wheatstone Street is at the northwest corner of Linda Vista, overlooking Tecolote Golf Course.  It may have been 1957 that a Miramar pilot bailed out and landed nearby on the Clairemont side of Tecolote -- JF)

Some years ago Yearbook Advisor sent me a CD of the 1959 Centaur.  I couldn't get it to work on my computer.  I was searching for something else and came across the CD.  Guess what?  It works great on my computer and would probably work great on a CD player if I had one.  Kelcie says they're available for $35 from the following years:  1959-1967, 1969, 1971-1972, 1974-1975, 1982 and 1985.  Click HERE to email Kelcie.

The Golden Anniversary Pacer is from October 25, 1962, featuring Donna Musil '63 as Girl of the Month.  I have not idea why, but I scrambled information from three featured ads.  If you can tear yourself away from Farmville, you might try to reassemble them:  Nicolosi’s Pizza House • JU-2-4340 • 7252 Broadway, Lemon Grove • Par Tee Miniature Golf • AT-2-5919 • 4009 El Cajon Blvd • HO-9-9901 • Lido’s Italian Food • 6255 University Avenue.  Oh -- click HERE to read the paper.

Here's the dope on First Thursday.  I might not make it, since my chauffeur is taking her daughters to the Grand Canyon or a week.