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Friday, July 27, 2018

July 27, 2018

I'm thinking Scott Weaver is a lucky man.  The details are a little fuzzy, but apparently he was shooting at people with a pellet gun around 10:30 Monday night near the Halsey Street Bridge at Liberty Station (the old Navy Training Center).  The folks being shot at called the police, and Weaver was arrested.   Turned out Weaver was targeting Navy Seals on a night-time training mission.  I think the Seals missed out on a teachable moment.

Alan Johnson died last week.  I never heard of him, but the headline on his obituary caught my eye --  Mel Brooks 'Young Frankenstein' choreographer was 81.  I scratched my head, then remembered Peter Boyle's classic Puttin' On The Ritz dance number as Frankenstein.  Johnson also did the Springtime for Hitler and Germany number in The Producers and Madeline Kahn's I'm Tired scene in Blazing Saddles and Dom Deluise's Push Tush number in the same movie.

Facebook reminded me that it had been a year since I posted the Howard Rozelle photo of Esquire Motors on Euclid and El Cajon.  I love the shot and agreed with them that it was time to show it again.  Click HERE to see it enlarged on my web site.  The Google Streetview shot below shows what it looks like today.

I wonder if any Colts were old enough to attend the Boy Scout Jamboree in Irvine in 1953.  Some of the folks who WERE there got together last week after 65 years.  Click HERE to read a nice article in the Los Angeles Times.

Turns out, also in 1953, the first Over-the-Line game was played, I believe, in South Mission Beach.  Click HERE to read about Tom Whelan setting a record in 2004 and HERE for an additional record in 2006.  Click HERE to read Karla Peterson's article in the Union-Tribune about the Miss Emerson Contest.

A bunch of Colts, mostly from the Class of '65, gathered for golf this week at River Walk in Mission Valley.  Bill Gore is the only person I recognize.  Click HERE for a much larger shot on my web site.

Friday, July 20, 2018

July 20, 2018

If you're scratching your head over this Bizarro cartoon, sing along with me -- "I'm a little teapot, short and stout . . . "

Paula Kincaid shares the website of the propane station in Seattle that puts up a new hilarious marquee sign on a regular basis.  Click HERE to read some more.

Terry Baugher '62 just came across his 1956 Dennstedt Village Little League team photo.  Click HERE to see it enlarged.

Friday, July 13, 2018

July 13, 2018

Seems like every other Fry Day is the 13th.  Probably my imagination.

This lucky fellow got his limit on the first day of Zucchini Season.

Does the new El Pollo Loco Say "Te Amo" commercial strike a chord with you?  Click HERE to take a listen.  Sounds a lot like Rosie and the Originals' Angel Baby from 1961.

Troy Murphree emailed me about the Photos From Mohawk Street page on my web site.  She's lived on Saranac Street for 16 years and is part of a community group called Mesa Colony, sort of between College and 70th north of Montezuma and El Cajon.  If you grew up there and/or have photos, he'd love to hear from you.   By the way, the Photos From Mohawk Street page was submitted by Jeannine Berger Passenhaim '60.  She's part of the 7th Birthday Party photo above that includes Diane Paine, Judy Bailey, Rowene Ashley, Barbara Ann Tthrailkill, Kathy Brown, H. B. Amey, Paul Montgomery and Charlotte Stout.

How's your hearing?  Mine is fine -- or maybe not.  I was interested to learn, while watching the Padres' play Arizona last week, that the Diamondbacks' Paul Goldschmidt was a Goat Lover.  Turns out he's a Gold Glover.  Some years ago my friend Vince Barrord, who went to Catholic Schools, was concerned when he heard that Rosary Workers were going on strike.  Who knew Rosary Workers even had a union?  Turned out to be Grocery Workers.

Faculty Member Asahel “Ash” Hayes died July 10th.  He was born July 28, 1923 in the small town of Sutherland, Iowa.  He served his country from 1943 to 1946 in the Army of the United States. He was a cryptographer serving in New Guinea and the Philippines.  After his discharge he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education from San Diego Teachers College (now San Diego State University), a Master of Science In Physical Education/Exercise Science from UCLA and a Doctorate in Education from UCLA.  Ash spent twenty-seven years with the San Diego Unified School District in various positions, serving as the baseball coach during Crawford’s first three years.  He later was appointed to lead national programs as part of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in Washington D.C. and ultimately retired as Executive Director.   He is survived by Juanita, his devoted wife of forty years, daughter Lynn Hayes Dougherty ’68, and a coterie of grand-children and great grand-children.  A Celebration of Life is being planned.

Bob Lutz '64 reports the passing of his twin brother on July 1, 2018.  A memorial service will be held at a later date.   Says Bob, "I lost my “womb-bro”, best friend, and soul brother.  My beloved twin lived in Santa Barbara and was courageously struggling for the last ten-plus years with COPD. He had a good and happy life, and was always positive and optimistic about life’s highs and setbacks.   As an artist and jeweler for almost fifty years (Big Sur Design in Big Sur, Little Rock, and Santa Barbara), he designed and manufactured beautiful and enormously-appreciated jewelry enjoyed by many throughout the country.  Tom supported environmental and liberal political causes all his life, and was an avid and well-informed policy wonk. He was a very good and decent man and leaves a huge vacancy in all of our lives".

Friday, July 6, 2018

July 6, 2018

Not a lot happening in Coltville this week.  Nancy and I drove by Crawford and, as this Google Streetview image indicates, they've repainted the school.  Looks good to me, but I was never a fan of the Red, White and Blue color scheme seen below.

The end of the world is near.  According to an article in the New York Times, over 500,000 pet owners have paid for Neuticles -- prosthetic testicles -- for their recently-neutered male Fur Babies "so their pet will maintain its dignity and self-esteem".

Honorary Colt Paula Kincaid shares this street sign, which looks European to me, and may not be a joke.  I think it's the international symbol for Watch Out For Idiots Looking at Their Phones Instead of Oncoming Traffic.

Click HERE to look at a 90-second 1978 Channel 8 video of neon signs along El Cajon Boulevard.

Carol Bielefeldt Wolfe '59 passed away June 21st and was laid to rest at El Camino Memorial Park on July 3rd.