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Friday, February 21, 2020

February 21, 2020

Paula Kincaid sent me a page of humorous sayings a while back.   Here are some of them

When one door closes and another door opens, you are probably in prison.
I had my patience tested. I’m negative.  
I finally got eight hours of sleep. It took me three days, but whatever.
I don’t mean to interrupt people. I just randomly remember things and get really excited.

I've added John Blackwood's '55 Chevy convertible to the Cars We Drove to School page.

Speaking of vintage autos, the San Diego Automotive Museum just opened an exhibit called That '70s Car Show.  How did THAT happen?  Cars that weren't even on the drawing board when I graduated from Crawford are now part of a show on historic automobiles.  The show goes through June 13th.  The Union-Tribune photo above was taken by K. C, Allred.

Remember Channel 8's Bob Regan?  This photo popped up on Facebook and I'm including it here because it reminded me of when those attachments came out that you could clamp on the phone receiver.  I assume they were a boon to secretaries -- and teenage girls.  Bob doesn't seem to be using it correctly.

Turns out there WAS a Firing Fillies girls' rifle team.  It just wasn't part of ROTC.  Pat Baker checked in and set me straight.  The team was affiliated with GAA, the Girls' Athletic Association.  Pictured above, from the 1963 Centaur, are (Front Row) Mary Smart, Vincette Nietzie, Charlotte Haase, Sandy Wilcox, and Martha Dory.  (Back Row) Pat Baker, Lynn Runge, Judy Burnham, Kathy Hane, Jo Giacalone, and Jane Farris.  I'm still wondering where the indoor firing range was.

I spotted this shot in the '63 yearbook when looking for the Firing Fillies photo.  It's titled All Out, and has always been one of my favorites.

The Golden Anniversary Pacer is from February 19, 1970 and is six pages in length -- or would have been if Ed Schoenberg hadn't snipped out the articles about himself.  Click HERE to check it out.

In the Fry Day email of January 31st I mentioned that Rik Kranenburg '72 passed away on January 18th and that there were no further details.  Turns out he died on January 17th while hiking in Grenada.  His classmate Phyllis Schwartz forwards a rather lengthy obituary, which I've whittled down to three paragraphs and posted on the Class of '72 Obituary Page.

Friday, February 14, 2020

February 14, 2020

Just the other day I was asked when Crawford opened.  I was pretty sure the answer was 1958.  Click HERE to get ALL the details from Victor Perez '71.  My new question is, when did Crawford's address change from 4191 55th Street to 4191 Colts Way?

Julia Burnham Little '64 asked if I could find a photo of the ROTC Firing Fillies Girls' Rifle Team.  I checked the appropriate yearbooks to no avail.  Julia was pretty sure they competed with the boys at the indoor firing range on campus.  All news to me.  How about you?

Take it easy girls!!  It's not James Dean.  It's ME -- leaning against the car I drove to San Diego State College.  Click HERE to see what some other Colts drove to Crawford.

I think I've shared this before.  It's a 1946 aerial taken by my late buddy Howard Rozelle.  It looks east from the Ferry Landing and the old Police Station on Market Street.  Click HERE if you'd like to look at an enlargement on my web site.

Click HERE to read a Pacer from 60 years ago -- February 11, 1960.  Remember Slave Day?  Those were the good old days.

Robert Smith ’60 passed away February 5, 2020 from metastatic throat cancer.  Born at North Island, Bob graduated from Crawford, went on to SDSU and graduated in 1970 from UCSD with a PhD in Math.  He spent his entire career at the Navy Lab at Point Loma, at first doing math modeling, then moving on to something he loved more: managing the building of --and taking to sea -- towed array sonar surveillance systems.  A hunter most of his life, after retiring in 1995, he took up bird hunting and acquired the first of his four beloved hunting dogs.  A Celebration of Life will be held Sunday, March 8, at 1 PM at the Thursday Club, 1224 Santa Barbara St., San Diego.

Friday, February 7, 2020

February 7, 2020

I just stumbled upon this photo of me taken in front of our Quonset Hut at 32nd Street around 1949 and thought I'd share it.  Click HERE if you'd like to see a Howard Rozelle aerial of our abode.

This photo appeared on Facebook this week.  It was taken by Bob Gardner in 1967 and looks west on Broadway from 8th Avenue.  Click HERE if you'd like to see it enlarged on my web page.

Click HERE to peruse the 6-page Spring Fashion Issue of the Pacer, published on February 11, 1965.  I think that's close to 55 years ago.  (I've added a special treat)

Here's something else thats 55 years old: a photo of the 1965 Horace Mann 8th Grade 4R (B) Intramural football champs previously shared by Don Rogers.  Click HERE for an enlargement with names.

This just in from Leatha McGowan Cooksy '70.  It's the Oak Park contingent at the Class of '66 20 Year Reunion.  Click HERE if you'd like to see it enlarged.  I don't have names, but they all have name tags, so maybe I can work on that later.

Here's one that's only 50 years old, from the San Diego Union February 8, 1970.   Lucky for Hope, this was 1970.  If it was 1960 they'd list your home address AND your measurements.  What could go wrong?

Dotty Saladin Matz ‘64 wanted to let all know that her sister Sally Saladin Knigge ’61 died on January 15, 2020 in Stuart’s Draft Virginia.  Sally joined the Navy after high school, and was a dental assistant for four years. Her husband Gene retired from the Navy and they moved to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Friday, January 31, 2020

January 31, 2020

Did you watch the Grammies last weekend?   Me neither.  I don't know any of the singers or recognize any of the songs.  I guess some guy named Billie Eilish won everything.   Oh, wait -- Billie Eilish is an 18-year old girl?  I rest my case.  CBS Sunday Morning had a snippet from the first Grammies in 1959.  The winning single was Volare and the best album was The Theme from Peter Gunn.  That was REAL music.  Hey, you kids get off my lawn!!!

I guess members of the Class of ’68 have begun turning 70.  The guys above met at Mike Meyer’s abode in Palm Desert last weekend to begin celebrating.  Pictured are Rick Walsh, Mike Tyndall, Richard Mossay, John Risly and Mike Meyer.  Mike Tyndall, John Risly, Rick Walsh and Mike Meyer met at Montezuma Elementary.  Richard Mossay joined the group at Horace Mann.

Terri Quinlivan Parham '66 posted her 6th Grade class photo from Darnall on Facebook.  I've added it to the Darnall Elementary page on my web site.  Click HERE to see the above photo enlarged.

Rik Kranenburg '72 died January 18, 2020 according to the Crawford Alumni Association.  There were no other details.

Friday, January 24, 2020

January 24, 2020

Here's a bucolic image of Julian, California circa 1900.  I think it's looking southeast toward Lake Cuyamaca.  Click HERE to view an enlargement.

Click HERE to read the Pacer from January 21, 1965.  I think the 55 year stone is Emerald.   I noticed photos of Sue Roel and Bob Boone, who -- I believe -- later went on to get married.  

If you could read this you might recognize disk jockeys Ernie Myers, Art Way and Noel Confer.  You might also fondly recall El Paso, Why and Scarlet Ribbons, the top three hits on the Mighty 690 Top Forty list for January 1, 1960.  Click HERE to enlarge it to a point where you might be able to read it.

Patricia Daniel Schatz ’64 send word that her classmate Donna Maxey Webber passed away January 15th.  Details may follow.

Friday, January 17, 2020

January 17, 2020

Not a lot to share this week.   I've been busy folding, sealing, labeling and banding the quarterly alumni newsletter, which I hope to get in the mail today at the Midway Post Office.

I'm not sure if the swallows are still coming back to Capistrano each year, but Paul Hildebrand Clare is still coming back to La Jolla -- and still running into Coach Dick Draz.  He's seated next to his buddy Henry Zopatti, who once taught at Pacific Beach Junior High.  I assume they're watching all the girls go by.

Those of us who grew up in the '50s were dealt another blow with the passing of Edd "Kookie" Byrnes.  What I DIDN'T know was that Logan Byrnes, local KUSI newsman, was his son.  Click HERE to read an obituary from the New York Times.

Friday, January 10, 2020

January 10, 2020

I don't know what year this image was taken.  Jack in the Box was still offering Shrimp and Chicken -- but not French Fries.  They were still called French-Fried Potatoes.  It's a good excuse to revisit the Jack in the Box page.  Click HERE -- and enjoy.

Sharon Mass '61 won a trip to New York, according to the January 14, 1959 issue of the Pacer.  I think that was before jets.  Click HERE to enjoy all four pages of the student publication.  This was 60 years ago, so I guess it's a Diamond Anniversary Pacer.

The article on Savings Stamps in the Diamond Anniversary Pacer is a good excuse to visit the Savings Stamp page on my web site.  It also includes Green Stamps and Blue Chip Stamps.  Click HERE please.

I'm passing on a couple of obituaries garnered from the Crawford Foundation web page.   They came with no additional data.

Mary Allison '65 passed away December 15, 2019

Richard Bredeson '72 died December 19, 2019

Friday, January 3, 2020

January 3, 2020

I guess the Roaring '20s are back.  I'm waiting for it to stay light a little longer -- and warm up.   I don't expect to get a lot of sympathy from Colts ensconced in cooler climes.

I liked this Harry Bliss cartoon from yesterday.

Better late than never!  An article in the November 21st Union-Tribune told about George Glover '73 being honored as the Veteran of the Year in El Cajon.  George joined the Coast Guard and was sent to the Coast Guard Station on Harbor Drive.  Reminds me of my late friend John Finn.  He was raised in Los Angeles and joined the Navy to see the world.  I think he spent the first 10 years of his enlistment at North Island, but managed to win the Medal of Honor for his heroics at Pearl Harbor on December 7th.  John died in 2010 at age 100.  By the way, George Glover eventually put to sea.  Click HERE to read all about it.

I've added two more items -- a matchbook and an ash tray -- to my Aunt Emma's Pancakes page, courtesy of John Clay '69.  Remember when everyone smoked in restaurants, even the waitresses?  But the health department made them wear hair nets?  Remember when you could be seated in the No Smoking section, but still be next to a table in the Smoking Section?  Glad I got THAT off my chest.  Click HERE to revisit the Aunt Emma's Pancakes Page.

Here's a brilliant color photo of San Diego, circa 1953, when Navy Hospital was a sprawling pink complex and San Diego High was covered in ivy.  Click HERE to see this photo enlarged on my web site.