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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 27, 2015

BOY OH BOY!!  Summer's here again, and it's only a week into Spring.  When Nancy gets down from Escondido I'll bet we head to the Waffle Spot.  I got to have my Jig Strike Special last Tuesday at the Landing Grille, next to Seaforth Landing, so it'll be her choice today.  Then it'll be Nothing To Do -- and All Day to Do It!!

From Wednesday's U-T San Diego: "Lukasz Szcedanek landed a 17-pound, 8-ounce rainbow trout on Sunday to smash the lake record of 15-4. He used a ball of inflated night crawlers."  My question is, "How do you inflate a night crawler -- and how to they feel about it?  (I'm going with a basketball pump.)

In yesterday's U-T Diane Bell had a feel-good story of a fireman who found a wallet with $4200 in it atop a gas pump.  He turned it in at a police station and the owner's wife sent money for the fireman to take his wife to dinner.  I remember a similar story 30 years ago at T. D. Hays Restaurant.  My question remains the same:  How do you even FOLD a wallet with $4200 in it?  I guess that's why it was on top of a gas pump.  I also wonder why anyone would carry that much cash, but I have some ideas I won't share.

Greg May added an Oscar's matchbook to his Vintage San Diego matchbook album.  As good an excuse as any to remind you about the Oscar's links on the Memories Page of this web site.   Scroll down to "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives".

Click HERE to look at five night shots I took on Hotel Circle in August 1982.   I don't think any of the establishments still exist, at least not under the same name

Last Saturday's U-T San Diego held articles featuring at least two Colts.

Sandy Shapery '61 is converting an 1869 downtown hotel into a 98-bed memory care facility.  Click HERE to read the article

Nature photographer and bird expert Ernie Cowan '62 tells us about the Yellow Warbler. Chirp HERE to learn more.

The Class of ’60 Reunion Committee met last week at the home of Vickie Heramb Lareau.  The reunion will take place Saturday evening, October 24th, at Old Town Mexican Cafe.   Click HERE for a bigger picture and names.

Class of ’64 grads who met for lunch on March 19, 2015 at True Foods Kitchen in Fashion Valley included: Meri Pierce Knight, Kris Gjerde Flynn, Janis Irvine Ricards, Bev Bachman Fritschner, Jane Newberry Smith, Jacque Donaldson Doyle, and Laurie Koosed Ratner. Click HERE if you'd like to see an enlargement.  Trust me, they still look good.

The May 25, 1965 Golden Anniversary Pacer features an article on the Crawford Surfing Club.  Coach Malcolm is referred to as a "Great Old Surfer".  Wonder what that makes him now?  He's still hitting the waves at Tourmaline most weekday mornings.  Click HERE to read all four pages.

Next Thursday is First Thursday at the Amigo Spot.  It'll still be light in the parking lot for those of you who leave at 7.  That would be the folks who arrive before 5.