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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Clanton Gang is coming!!

I know it looks like a Hollywood set, but this 1895 photo was taken on the main street of a now bustling San Diego County city. Click HERE for the enlargement -- and a chance to actually read the name of the town on a building.

Songs of Camp Palomar

Dietra Anderson Davis '62 forwards her Camp Palomar songbook, circa -- I assume -- 1956. All together now: "See him there, the Zulu warrior; See him there, the Zulu Chief, Chief, Chief." Click HERE to revisit the best times of your life -- or the worst.

Oscar's Drive-In

Fred Dickson '61 may be the 100th well-intentioned person to send me the "San Diego In The Good Old Days" email. I always scroll through just in case there's something I haven't seen. The anonymous author of this email has pilfered a couple of Oscar's images off of my web site. I thought this was a good excuse to take another look at the Oscar's menus. Click HERE for the 1952 menu and HERE for the menu at left.

Isn't that Kathy Najimy?

Linda Scheider Crawford '75 thinks the girl in the top row, second from the left, in the Euclid Elementary photos sent in by Virginia Wick Hagins '75 is their classmate and star of Sister Act and other Hollywood productions. Click HERE to take another look, although the enlargement at the left gives you a better view.