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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 26, 2016

Yesterday my computer hiccuped and belched, then coughed up a hairball containing 136 email responses dating back to August 19, 2015.  Who can figure this stuff out?  Luckily they were mostly of the "I'm on vacation and can't access my email" type of missive, but some of them required action or had important information.  I'll work through them as quickly as I can.

This shot of lower Broadway, looking east from Pacific Highway, pops up every so often on Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page.  It was taken sometime prior to 1949, when the last streetcar made its run.  You can see a "modern" Class 7 streetcar heading up Broadway, and an older streetcar stopped at the far left at the Santa Fe railroad station.

Steve Schlesinger '83 shares a link to a CBS video on Julie Swann Paez '83, injured in the San Bernardino shootings.  Click HERE to watch it.  There was also an article in the Los Angeles Times

Tuesday's Union-Tribune had a nice article about "Mr. H.", a volunteer at Crawford's New Arrival Center.  Click HERE to read it.

Here's a color shot of the Homecoming Court from the 1971 Centaur.  I couldn't quite figure out who was who.  Click HERE for a larger photo.  Get back to me with the names.