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Friday, September 14, 2012

IT'S STILL DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH, but they say it's gonna be a scorcher in San Diego.  Nancy and I were at the Amigo Spot TWICE yesterday.  Once for lunch with the Class of '63 Reunion Committee and again in the evening to hear Paul the Guitar Player (I forgot his last name).  The hotel was hosting a Clown Convention and it turns out that Veronica the Desk Clerk and Rosa the Hostess are both terrified of clowns.  A sit-com ready to be written.

Once again, Elaine Robinson Davis '61, who allegedly lives in Montana, will be part of the local art scene.  She will be participating in the 7th Annual University Heights Arts Open this Sunday, September 16th from 11-5.  Her studio is located at 4576 Maryland St.  Her work will include both San Diego and Montana paintings.  She hopes you'll stop by and say "hello".

Tim and Peggy Crowe Castagna have been missionaries in the Philippines for 27 years.  They're planning a two-month visit to San Diego next Spring and want to know if, perchance, the Class of '73 will be having a reunion at that time.  

GRACIOUS SAKES ALIVE, people sure can be testy!!!  I heard from a lot of folks who pointed out that Earl Altschuler is not in the middle of the photo above.  It did occur to me that he looked really good, but I just assumed he'd had some "work" done.  Guess that's Earl on the right.

CRAWFORD'S FOOTBALL TEAM made the front page of last Saturday's U-T Sports Page, just like the good old days of 1961.  Well, not exactly.  Turns out they lost to San Pasqual Academy, a school with 101 students -- 39 of them boys.  It's a nice article, nonetheless, talking about two schools' efforts to "keep a team on the field".  Click HERE and enjoy!!

A while back my long-time pal Jeff Dalrymple, who didn't go to Crawford but plays at the Amigo Spot on Saturday nights with George Fogelman '63 and Doug Kvandal '66, sent me a photo and running commentary he copied from his Facebook account.  It showed a concert, featuring a band called The Contrasts.  Jeff was of the opinion that it's members went to Crawford.  I made some inquiries and was soon inundated with so much information I felt like I was back in 8th grade science with a volcano experiment gone horribly wrong.  The photo above features Bill Keller on sax, James "Skinny" Bolan on rhythm guitar, Don "Little Donny" Arnold on drums, Jan Tonnesen on lead guitar and the late Kenny Jiamba on bass.  Apparently they knew each other at Horace Mann.  Don Arnold was Class of '69, Jan Tonnesen's family moved and he went to Helix.  All the rest are Class of '68.  I have every hope of unscrambling this mess and sharing much more about The Contrasts.

School's back in session, so it's time for the Golden Anniversary Pacer, issued on September 13, 1962.  Click HERE to read all four pages.