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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January 1, 2015

It’s New Year’s Day!!

Bob Lutz ‘64 hooked up with his classmate and AFS student Miguel Reynero during a trip to South America last October.  Click HERE to see this photo enlarged -- and get a bonus photo in the process.

I wandered down the trail of one of the albums on Greg May’s Vintage San Diego Facebook page and stumbled on some Mickie Finn photos.  You can check them out on the Memories Page of my web site, or click HERE.

A growing number of Colts are departing this mortal coil without leaving an obituary.

Class of ‘66 basketball star Kenny Neun passed away, according to his classmate Edmond Dant├Ęs.  I was able to talk to Ken’s daughter.  She confirmed his death, but said I’d have to talk to her Mom, who hasn’t returned my phone call. 

The Crawford Foundation page says Tom Rowe died on December 23rd.  If not “Mr Colt”, Tom was certainly “Mr. Colt 66”.  It said “COLT 66” on his license plate.  I knew he’d been in failing health and hope to get additional details in the future.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 25, 2014

It’s Christmas Day!!  Nancy and I and her daughters will be dining in the Mission Bay Ballroom of the Bahia Hotel. 

Before Mission Valley, Fashion Valley and Grossmont Centers young ladies who didn’t want to take the bus all the way downtown shopped at Lerner’s in North Park.  Click HERE to view an enlarged version of this photo, which I found on the Vintage San Diego Facebook page.

Kris Pruski Wood ‘70 says that Bill Manning has two Class of ‘69 ladies rings that belonged to his late wife.  They are size 6.  He would like to sell them at a small price.  Contact Bill at

Rick Blaine ‘64 says his classmate Leonard Campbell passed away December 11th.  It seems to be more and more the case that no additional information follows.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 19, 2015

IT’S DARK OUTSIDE and my heater’s going full blast inside, but — yay!! -- the days are gonna start getting longer come Monday.  And I believe it's supposed to hit 80 on Tuesday when much of America will be watching the Aztecs play Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl.  When Nancy arrives from Escondido we’ll be off to the Waffle Spot and then on to Von’s.

I got a kick out of this take on the storm damage some of us suffered during last week’s storms.   

Here’s another photo posted on Facebook courtesy of Pea Hicks.  It’s the Hotel del Coronado, of course, and appears to have been taken around 1952.  Click HERE to view an enlargement.

I’ve added a list of drive-ins to the one I’d already posted.  One appears to be circa 1967 and one 1968.  I just can’t remember which is which.  Click HERE to check them out.

The Golden Anniversary Pacer is the Holiday Issue from December 17, 1964.  Diana Loss and Stephen Hill are the Senior Sketches and Ted Nichols’ ‘55 Chevy won Heap of the Week.  Click HERE to check out all 8 pages.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 12, 2014

IT’S RAINING IN PACIFIC BEACH and the wind is rattling the trash cans.  If Nancy and I can dodge the showers, I’ve got my taste buds set on biscuits and gravy at the Waffle Spot.

Check out the cool uniforms sported by the Crawford Soccer team, thanks to your generous donations.  Click HERE to learn more about how the team is doing.

I snagged this Cotton Patch menu off the Vintage San Diego Facebook page where it had been posted by Jan Tonnesen.  Jan, who went to Horace Mann, but then to Helix, gave me permission to share it with you all.  Click HERE to look inside the cover.

Some stunning color photos of San Diego in the ‘50s have popped up on the Vintage San Diego Facebook page, each with the note “Thank you Pea Hicks.”   We think Pea Hicks purchased these photos at a yard sale and is sharing them with Vintage San Diego.  I’ll share them with you.  This one looks west in Mission Valley, circa 1952.  Click HERE to check out the enlarged version.

Good news for Janice Levine Zalewski.  There WILL be a 50th Anniversary Reunion, says Chairperson Judy Horowitz Glenn.  I’m guessing it will take place in 2017.  Victor Perez ‘71 shares a link for the Class of ‘67 Facebook Page.  I’ve posted these links on the Reunion Page of my Crawford High web site.  

I think it’s just a coincidence but Carlynne Albee, who went to Montezuma and later Grossmont High, says there’s a ‘67 Centaur for sale on Ebay.  Click HERE for the link.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 5, 2014

IT’S A LITTLE COOL in PB after a couple of days of rain and it’s getting light outside. Nancy and I will be lugging the December Alumni Newsletter to the Midway Post Office and having breakfast at the Waffle Spot, not necessarily in that order.

I snagged this photo off the Vintage San Diego Facebook page.  It shows Horton Plaza at Christmas time, circa 1955.  Click HERE to access an enlargement.

Nancy Watson Wingo — yes THAT Nancy --loaned me this 1955 photo of her Andrew Jackson Girl Scout Troop.  You can view a much large version if you click HERE, but you’ll still have a hard time spotting the reclusive Nancy.  Back row:  Susan Hudjohn, Vickie Holman, Donna Waite, Marlene Dunn, Nancy Watson (in her “don't want my photo taken” era) and a girl whose name may be Patricia.  Front row: DyAnn Richardson, Laralee Richardson, (mascot) and  Kristine Bobbit.