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Thursday, June 30, 2016

July 1, 2016

I sat up straight in my easy chair last week when I saw a television commercial advertising Knott's Berry Farm.  That took me back to the days, before Disneyland, when Knott's was THE place to visit. I may have mentioned this story before, but a childhood neighbor was waxing rhapsodic about his family's visit to Knott's Berry Farm.  I was unimpressed, my father having taken my sister and I there on more than one occasion.  Turns  out my dad had taken us to Knox Dairy Farm near Chula Vista.  I appreciated a healthy Holstein as much as the next person but -- it turns out -- Knott's Berry Farm had much more to offer.

I'm looking for a happy home for a violin.  Why yes it DOES say Stradivarius inside, but a local expert assured me it was probably a "Stradivarius model" instrument.  I discovered it a while back in one of the trunks I drug home from the family home that my sister now owns.  Get back to me if you know of a needy musician.   Hold on a sec, they're all needy.  (You know what they call a musician who breaks up with his girlfriend?  Homeless).  Perhaps the music department at Crawford -- if there still is such a thing -- could use it.

Thanks again to the alumni who allowed the Crawford Girls to attend the USD Basketball Camp last weekend.  They were able to compete with other programs from all across the country.  USD also made it possible for the young ladies to have a Question and Answer Session with some of their current players. They were able to talk to the USD player about campus life, their struggles and experiences in high school and college -- Coach Dwight McDonald

If you're a newsletter subscriber from the Class of '64 your 2-way remittance envelope is in the mail. If you'd rather pay with a credit card or PayPal go to the Newsletter Order Form Page.

If you're a newsletter subscriber from the Class of '61 your 2-way remittance envelope is NOT in the mail.  In order to even things out on my end, I'm moving you to November.  Enjoy!!

Remember when I used to feature Rozelle Mystery Photos?  I would post a Howard  Rozelle aerial that I couldn't identify and Fry Day readers would solve the puzzle -- except for one.  Tim Arnold '74 is pretty sure he's done it -- and I agree with him.  Click HERE to check it out.  (How very strange. Al Fedder '69 emailed last night to let me know he solved this puzzle some years back.  Click HERE to look at his work.  No -- I can't figure out how he saw this before I published it)

Patsy Beloate Allen '61 passed away February 4, 2016 from congestive heart failure.  I gather the Centaur spelled her last name incorrectly.

Donna Pepi Hoban '61 died of cancer June 28th.  Services will be held Tuesday, July 05, 2:30 PM, Mariners Church Ocean Hills, 32222 Del Obispo Street, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675.  Click HERE to read a full obituary and/or sign the guest book.