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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lee Cook '66 presents the Joe Grease Band

Las Cajones is the new CD from Lee Cook '66 and the Joe Grease Band, with a tribute to the old Bostonia Ballroom in El Cajon.  Lee says the place was owned by Smokey Rogers and Cactus Jim Soldi.  Jim Jr., who played with Johnny Cash and Ricky Skaggs, plays lead guitar on this album.  Click HERE to read the "back" of the album, download tracks or to purchase the album.  Lee says a "substantial percentage" of the monies will go to help returning veterans.

El Cerrito Heights

My buddy Willie Skinner brought over a January 1942 National Geographic and asked if I could copy two photos out of it for the La Jolla Historical Society.  While paging through the magazine I spotted a photo of a neighborhood that looked familiar, probably because I could spot the Chollas Towers in the background.  Laura Marchese Stephenson '69 knew immediately where it was, as did Barbara Gurling McAlexander '64.  Bob Richardson '61 was then able to add a current shot of roughly the same area.  Click HERE to see what I've cobbled together.