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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Class of 1961 Reunion

Holy Cow!!!  The 50th Anniversary Reunion of the Class of '61 promises to be something special.  It's going to take place on October 15th at the Westin Emerald Plaza Hotel in downtown San Diego.  I think it was once known as Shapery Emerald Towers, because Sandy Shapery '61 was responsible for its construction.  Turns out Sandy lives atop of the hotel in a two-story penthouse -- and he's hosting a pre-reunion cocktail party there.  Email Prudy Milazzo Stephens to reserve your spot.  Click HERE to take a tour of the penthouse.

Golden Anniversary Pacer

Jim McCorquodale '61 is the male featured in the Senior Sketch portion of the February 9, 1961 edition of The Pacer.  Click HERE to read all four pages of the Golden Anniversary Pacer.

Happy 11th Birthday!!

Bob Richardson '61, on the occasion of his grandson's 11th Birthday, forwards a photo of his Campus Lab School pals on the occasion of his OWN 11th Birthday.  That's Bob's yearbook photo at the left.  Click HERE to see the 1954 shot.