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Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015

Remember when folks showed up in the neighborhood with a pony and a camera?  This 1948 shot of "Cowboy Johnnie" Fry was taken right at the front door of our Quonset Hut in the 32nd Street Naval Housing.

I'm pretty sure you've seen this photo of the Loma Theater before, but I'll run it by you again.  Click HERE to look at some other movie marquees I photographed around 1980.  Remember leaving the movies without disconnecting the speaker?  Remember when one stalled car could keep almost everyone from leaving the lot?

Crawford defeated Kearny last Friday 35-28 and remains unbeaten.  Tonight's game against La Jolla Country Day starts at 7 PM.  I'm pretty sure La Jolla Country Day is right next to the San Diego Police Department's Northern Division in case those Country Day kids try any rough stuff.

Craig Juleen '70 checks in from Alpine, a little upset that he missed his class reunion.  He especially hoped to make contact with Brian Seltzer and Randy Naiman.  I don't have emails for them.  Do you?

It's a darn shame.   The Class of '65 reunion is next weekend and I still have five untouched copies of the Centaur given to me by Jesse Morphew.  I had hoped someone on the committee would want them as door prizes, but they politely declined.  Any ideas?

John Dunbar '64 died March 31, 2015 according to his daughter Amber Dunbar-Truehart

Kathy Houser Nolan sends word of the passing of her cousin Patricia Parker Headley '64, who did not survive her most recent bout with cancer.  Click HERE to sign the on-line Memory Book.