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Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 5, 2014

IT’S A LITTLE COOL in PB after a couple of days of rain and it’s getting light outside. Nancy and I will be lugging the December Alumni Newsletter to the Midway Post Office and having breakfast at the Waffle Spot, not necessarily in that order.

I snagged this photo off the Vintage San Diego Facebook page.  It shows Horton Plaza at Christmas time, circa 1955.  Click HERE to access an enlargement.

Nancy Watson Wingo — yes THAT Nancy --loaned me this 1955 photo of her Andrew Jackson Girl Scout Troop.  You can view a much large version if you click HERE, but you’ll still have a hard time spotting the reclusive Nancy.  Back row:  Susan Hudjohn, Vickie Holman, Donna Waite, Marlene Dunn, Nancy Watson (in her “don't want my photo taken” era) and a girl whose name may be Patricia.  Front row: DyAnn Richardson, Laralee Richardson, (mascot) and  Kristine Bobbit.