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Friday, December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017

I wonder how many folks have "You can just drop me off here" stories about getting driven to school.

Aaron Boone, son of Sue Roel '66 and Bob Boone '65, is the new manager of the New York Yankees.  Click HERE to read a nice article in the New York Times about the Boone Baseball Family, pictured above.

This Class of '64 group usually meets at True Foods in Fashion Valley, but decided not to fight the Holiday Crowds at the mall.  They were hosted instead by Janice Irvine Ricards who, in addition to cooking lunch, took this photo (I assume).  Left to right are Meri Pierce Knight, Janie Newberry Smith. Laurie Koosed Rather, Kris Gjerde Flynn, and Bev Bachman Fritschner 

Linda McNeely Willis 71, of Phoenix died November 14, 2017 from cancer.  “She was my next door neighbor growing up,” writes John Hermes.  “Her brother Craig was Crawford class of 1960, sister Kathleen class of 1963, and sister Loretta class of 1966.”  Click HERE to read an obituary.