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Friday, November 1, 2019

November 1, 2019

Another cartoon swiped from Lulu Summers.  It cracked me up -- and when I actually got it -- it REALLY cracked me up.  It's one explanation for why the dinosaurs died off.

Yippee!!  I'm in the money!!  Here's the October Royalty Statement from Schiffer Publishing, who published my book on the USS Saratoga.  Hold on a sec!!  I LOST money?  How can I be out 58 cents?

Much better news for Ernie Dronenberg '61 and Bill Gore '65.   They're getting raises.  I guess I know which doors to stand outside with my tin cup.

Did I already publish this photo of the San Diego Public Library bookmobile?  I wonder where it was taken?  Those trees conjure up an image of the East Coast, but I suspect it's somewhere in Balboa Park.  I probably also published Rick Crawford's Bookmobiles for San Diego.  Click HERE to read it again.

I've seen this photo before, but without a caption.  It's the Number 7 streetcar at Euclid and University, ready to head back downtown.  That's the Silverado Ballroom tucked away in the background.

Click HERE to enjoy an enlarged version of this 1958 shot of the El Cortez.  I think all four cars in this photo are General Motors products.  

Crawford's 3rd Annual Homecoming game was played against San Diego at Hoover on November 3, 1961, with a starting time of 8 PM.  I've already dozed off in the Barcalounger these days at 8 PM.  Click HERE to peruse the program AND check out my Crush the Cavers ribbon, along with my Field Pass signed by Charlie Clapper.