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Monday, March 31, 2014

April 4, 2014

I wanted to share this from last Friday’s U-T crime column.  Mrs. Bruner would have sent this back for re-write.  Us guys know just how painful it can be to take a blow to the Valencia Park.

The Chocolate “Cigar” at Terra American Bistro was voted one of the 25 Best San Diego Desserts in yesterday’s Night and Day U-T Magazine.  Located at 7091 El Cajon Blvd., the eatery is owned by my classmate Mike Rossman ‘62.  

One of these ladies, gathered in Palm Springs for the Follies, is NOT from the Class of ‘63.   Click HERE for the details.

Russ Flynn, swinging a baseball bat on the Sports Page, was the only name I recognized in the April 9, 1964 Golden Anniversary edition of the Pacer.  Click HERE to peruse all four pages.

I have just heard of the passing, on September 10, 2007, of Ronald Yardley ‘65.  There were no details.

Linda Thaler Neiman ‘66 died on March 23, 2014, seven weeks after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  Click HERE to read an obituary and sign the guest book. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 28, 2014

IT’S STILL DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH but the sun should come up in a while.  My Mom passed away last July and I’m still working through probate.  Nancy and I will stop by the lawyer’s office in OB then head to the Midway Post Office to mail the Class of ‘66 newsletter renewal envelopes.  There’s a good chance we’ll breakfast at Broken Yolk on Midway.  You may remember it as Bit ‘O Sweden smorgasbord.

There will be a Crawford Foundation booth at the 18th Annual Rolando Street Fair this Sunday, March 30th.  Don’t ask me for directions — I assume it’s on Rolando Blvd.  Click HERE for more information.

Speaking of Rolando, here’s a photo of yours truly in 1966, shortly after moving into College Village Apartments, 4881 Rolando Court.  Hard to believe, but the women stayed away in droves.

Get back to me if you’re interested in a DVD copy of the 1959 Centaur.  Click HERE to send me an email.

Linda Coleman Peterson has a 5 PM reservation for the back patio of the Mission Valley Buffalo Wild Wings for the Class of ‘69 Reunion August 23rd.  You may remember it as Seau’s.  She’s keeping it real simple, but would like to hear from you if you plan to be there. Click HERE to send her an email.

I’ve just learned of the passing of Judy Sisler Pedro ‘66 last year on July 8th. Click HERE to sign the Guest Book

Belated word of the passing of Eileen Oshefsky Sommers ‘69 also arrived, with only a date — February 1, 2010

April 3rd is the First Thursday at the Amigo Spot.   Don’t forget your Colts Club at the Spot card for a 10% discount — or pick one up on your arrival.  If you’re an Early Bird, this is your crowd.  With Daylight Savings Time it may still be light when they head home.

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 21, 2014

IT’S STILL DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH, but that’s OK because it stays light late now!!  Nancy and I will try to breakfast at Green Flash.  It will soon be changing hands.  They claim their won’t be big changes, but I’m always suspicious.  China Inn, my favorite Chinese restaurant, lost its lease, and will be closing next week.  Not a good month for little Johnnie Fry.

Spring arrived yesterday at 9:57 AM PDT and not a moment too soon.  San Diegans were fearful of having to suffer through another one of those 85 degree Winter Weekends we had weekend before last.

Jay Easton is in Julian — and now on the Class of ‘66 Email Page.   Janice Levine Zalewski checked in from Overland Park, Kansas and can be found on the Class of ‘67 Email Page.

Remember last July 4th when the Colt Corral blog talked about Twinkies, the drive-in movies, and exactly what years the Sears store existed in Hillcrest. Click HERE to revisit that conversation and check out two photos of Sears from Paul M Bowers.

A growing number of Colts are accessing the Colt Corral via Facebook.  At least three folks asked to join the Crawford Colt Corral this week and may not have been successful.  I pushed the button on my end, but weird things happened and I’m not sure those people had a success experience.

Gerritt Hollman and Tetsuo Tajima were the featured Senior Sketches in the March 19, 1964 Golden Anniversary Pacer, while Gary Phillips was the March Athlete of the Month.  There’s lots more to read in this 6-page edition of the student newspaper.  Click HERE to check it out.

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 14, 2014

Crawford Foundation member Susan Marshall Gordon says Crawford is having some sort of Parent Community Open House today.  If you’d like to stop by and visit the campus make sure you check in at the main office.  

Kim Reynolds Baum ‘65 is a new subscriber to the quarterly newsletter.  

If you called Sherry Jarvis Daigle about cooking lessons you probably struck out.  The correct phone number is 619-654-1840.

The folks who showed up at last week’s First Thursday party at the Amigo Spot were the first to receive their Colt Club at the Spot cards, entitling them to 10 % off future purchases.  Make sure you ask for yours the next time you stop in.

If you’re a subscriber to the quarterly newsletter, you should be receiving your copy of the March issue.  It went in the mail on Tuesday.  Click HERE if you'd like more information about the 12-page publication.

Dave Duncan '63, pictured with son Shelley, is back in baseball as a special coach with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Click HERE to read a nice article about him on the web site.

This photo of Old Town is a little muddy, but it’s 140 years old.  Click HERE to view a much larger version, and get a little background.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 7, 2014

IT'S NOT FRY DAY -- IT’S THE FIRST THURSDAY of the month, and the Amigo Spot will be jumping.  Paul Caston is back with his smooth guitar stylings.  Manager Enrico Lopez is preparing my favorite Chile Relleno Casserole.  Elaine Robinson Davis ‘61 is departing snowbound Bozeman, Montana to be with us and she’s bringing a friend.  She told me who, but I forgot.  The invitation says 5 PM and some folks will be earlier.  I will be first in line when the casserole comes out of the kitchen at 5:30.  Toodles.

Sherry Jarvis Daigle ‘63 forwards a rather lengthy email which I’ll publish in its entirety in the 12-page June alumni newsletter.  She talks about the passing of her mother Shirley (that’s her photo above), who worked at Leeds Shoes in College Grove.  Shirley passed away shortly after the Sherry’s 50th Anniversary reunion, having encouraged her to attend.  She convinced Sherry to “do the things you always wanted to do”, which apparently includes teaching people to cook.  If you know someone (why are you looking at me?) who could benefit from cooking lessons, contact Sherry for details.  Click HERE to email Sherry.  The phone number is 619-654-1640.

Russ Magnuson ‘64 believes he is “the dude in the red trunks next to Jack Baker” in the 1964 Ocean Beach surf shot.  Click HERE to take another look at the photos submitted by Alan Osborn

I hope you can read all the goodies in the snazzy poster above.  The Class of ‘74 will have its 40th Reunion festivities at Admiral Baker Clubhouse, from 6 to 10 PM on August 2nd.  Special room rates are available for Crawford Alumni at the King’s Inn.  Contact them at 619-297-2231.  Click HERE to email the Reunion Committee.   Click HERE to check out the Class of '74 Email Page.  Click HERE to go to the Class of '74 Missing Page.  Maybe you can locate some of the folks on the list.