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Friday, April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016

It's Earth Day.  I'm not sure what to do today.  Not like the olden days when I led my students at Hale Junior High on protest marches and ended up in the principal's office.

Elaine Robinson Davis ’61 will be the featured artist in Gallery 23, Spanish Village, April 16th to the 30th.  She will also be in booth 381 and 383 for Art Walk, Little Italy.  She would love to see old friends and classmates.

Larry Okmin '64 was "in the house" at the Amigo Spot last Saturday night.  He brought in the Little League Program above, which he found at an estate sale, to share with George Fogelman.  I snagged it before George could get it.  I had hoped to share it as a Picasa file, but I guess my Mac has gotten too old.  In the meantime, I'll post it on Facebook so some of you can read it.  You'll recognize a lot of names, if you're my age, and get a kick out of the advertisements.  Oh, by the way, Larry Okmin brought his sax and sat in with the band.  Very nice.

Julie Eskew Daniel '64 forwards a BEFORE picture of the Helix Theater (above) and an AFTER photo of downtown La Mesa.

Owen Western '63 shares a fabulous 78 record by Smokey Rogers.  Click HERE to read the back story, and listen to "No Vacancy" and "I Let My Wife Support Me".   I am stunned at the quality of the writing and singing.  "No Vacancy" is about returning WWII veterans trying to find a place to live.  It should be in the Library of Congress.  If you, like Buddy Rich, dislike only two kinds of music -- country and western -- my apologies.