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Friday, June 1, 2012


June 1, 2012

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Hi John
I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do and the fun and interesting things that you post.  My husband Bob Biehler so looked forward to his “Fry Day!” email and made sure he had time to read it before getting started for the day.  Thank you for the smiles and memories that you gave him. The evening before he passed away, he talked on the phone to a man by the name of David Dickinson who has a website called The Old Car Nut.  He is collecting stories about car guys and Bob wanted to tell him some stories.  They had plans to meet but alas that was not to be.  Bob had started a list of things he wanted to tell David about.  I know some of the stories so David came to our house and met with me for hours.  He is publishing stories about Bob’s life and car things as I remember them and he can get them online.  His first story about Bob is called Southern California Dreamer.  Thanks again John for the memories you gave Bob and shared about him -- Tanya Biehler (360-491-3818)


I was in adapted PE at Crawford because of my asthma.  I was fortunate enough, in my senior year (I think), to be introduced to the sport of archery.  Apparently I did well enough at it (which doesn’t say anything because not many were interested…nor did they consider it a sport…) that I was entered into the intra-murals…couldn’t tell you how many or which schools were involved.  All I know is that I won the blue ribbon.  There was an event (don’t know exactly what it entailed) to present the ribbons.  My parents wouldn’t let me go (they didn’t think it was note-worthy either).  It’s just that no one believes I won a “sport” ribbon!  And, I have no proof…except that my retired SDPD husband claims I’m a great shot with a handgun.  If anyone recalls anything about archery intra-murals in 1967 or 1968 I would like to hear from them. -- Kat Lally Wolf '68


Ed Schoenberg's long-suffering wife apparently had finally accepted the fact that Der Wienerschnitzel ads once urged you to "put a great big hot dog in your face", when Ed's PTSD acted up again.  I'll let HIM tell it.  

I again need your help with a check on my memory and/or sanity. The other day while watching TV someone on the show asked “Are you a turtle?” -- to which I immediately shouted out “You bet your sweet ass I am”.  Of course my wife gave me the “what -- are you crazy?” look and then asked “what was that all about?”.  I told her that in high school I was a member of the Turtles Club.  As I recall it was not a sanctioned club per se but -- when you became a member by answering four double entendre questions -- you got a Turtle Club card.  I remember that I became a member through my friends in the Play Productions class (so it may have been confined to the “drama types”) but I remember little else about it.  Once again my wife believes I’m making this all up so I’m appealing to the “Colt Community” to defend my memory and sanity once again by sharing what they remember about the “Turtles” -- Ed Schoenberg ‘70


Sharon Meiner Calton '62 shares the bids from the 1962 Prom and After-Prom -- 50 years to the day after the event.  The prom was held at the El Cortez and the after prom at Parkway Bowl.


Barbara Prout Fulton '62 died Saturday, May 19th at San Diego at San Diego Hospice.  She had suffered from cancer and dementia.  Barbara was buried at El Camino Memorial Park.  Click HERE to sign the on-line guest book.