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Friday, December 21, 2018

December 21, 2018

Winter rolls into San Diego today at 2:23 PM.  Apparently it will be accompanied by a Full Moon and a Meteor Shower.  I'm pretty sure those will occur after it gets dark.  Click HERE to read the article in Forbes.

Did you ever wonder what was involved in lighting up the "JOY" sign each year in Mission Valley's Hilton Hotel?  Click HERE to read all about it.

I always look forward to reading UT columnist Logan Jenkins, especially since he's now down to a single column a week.  Click HERE to read his latest, about how his dad opted not to invest with Robert O. Peterson and lose his money on something stupid like Oscar's and Jack in the Box.  There's a lot of stuff about those places I didn't know.

Another landmark, the Red Fox Room, is closing in the near future, but they hope to move across the street.  Click HERE to read the article in the Union-Tribune.

The town of Needles, California, suffering from the loss of the railroad and tourism on Route 66, is hoping to become a Marijuana Mecca.  I mention it mostly because the article in the New York Times mentions Lyn Gillis Parker '65.  Click HERE if you want to read the article.

Click HERE to peruse the 6-page Golden Anniversary Pacer, published on December 19, 1968.   I was especially interested in the front page piece on Ray Wagner, who had a great influence on me and with whom I stayed in touch over the years.

James L. Smith '63 died December 10, 2018. "My husband Jim passed away peacefully on my birthday in my loving arms from end of life Parkinson’s Disease," wrote his wife Cindy.