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Friday, June 29, 2012


June 29, 2012

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Thanks to those of you asking about Mom.  Her physical health is good, but her cognitive faculties seem to be slowly fading.  She still manages a little Mona Lisa smile when I visit.  Sadly, Frances, a new patient at the home, has had to be moved to another part of the facility during my visits.  She was enjoying me a lot more than Mom and, somewhere along the way, decided that I was her son.   It would have been a good thing except that she sobbed and clawed at the glass in the front door when I left.  Old age is NOT for sissies!

Remind me to send a Sympathy Card to Attorney General Eric Holder.  I know what it's like to be held in contempt.  I never DID get a date for the Senior Prom

The Los Angeles Zoo has promised a full investigation into the death of a baby chimpanzee, allegedly at the hands of a rival male.  Good luck getting a confession out of a chimpanzee; not to mention empaneling a jury of his peers.

Subscription envelopes for the Classes of '61 and '64 went in the mail this week.  The $30 annual membership helps underwrite the work I do on the web site and blog.  You can also subscribe on line.


Ron Klein has offered to save two spots at the Big Kids' Table for Nancy and I at the upcoming First Thursday Fiesta on July 5th.  I had to tell him that, while I like to support First Thursday, I prefer to sit away from the crowd.  Doesn't mean I don't enjoy hearing from folks who want to stop and say hello.

That's Jim "Santa Claus" Smith '63 seated in the lawn chair at the left.  He's showing his '31 Ford 2-door with the "all chrome 350" engine at a get together in Kalispell, Montana

Bob Mardon '64 saved his Kindergarten through 6th Grade class photos from Oak Park Elementary and has now shared them with you.  That's Kindergarten above.

Paula Adler Sloan '68 is interested in a History of the El Cerrito neighborhood, especially the background on what she's calling the Castle House, the Farm House, and the Cape Cod style house.  If the house above, at 5602 Adams Avenue, is the "Farm House", I have its history also.  A couple years back Nancy bought a book about the history of the East San Diego Police Department.  It mentioned the home above and told about how it got to its present site from University and Fairmount.  We eventually found the place and, as the owner was on the front porch, I swung in the circular driveway and made Nancy introduce us.  She got a tour of the house and, since Newell Booth, organizes historic tours for classic cars, I was able to provide a custom tour of historic Pacific Beach, while he provided the Hupmobiles and Stanley Steamers.


At "Boys' Night Out" last Friday I shared the story of my Costco purchase, and got a Thumbs' Down on the Kirkland Bourbon from good buddy Vince.  "It gave me a headache," he said.  On further reflection he allowed that he probably should have drunk it in two sittings.  I had a taste and gave it a Thumbs' Up.  I'm not in Vinnie's league, however.  There's a real good chance I'll still have plenty left when New Year's Eve rolls around.

A whole bunch of you actually submitted stories incorporating the Kirkland Bourbon, 24-pack of AA batteries and Turkey Jerky.  Lynn Routt Swanson '62 abstained, waiting to hear if it had to be a G-rated tale.  She must have read my mind because I really was thinking about an old "Two and A Half Men" episode when I wrote.  It was the one where long-suffering Alan stormed into the house with a woman he met in the produce aisle.  They were doing who knows what in the bedroom for hours when Alan emerged in his BVDs.  "How's it goin'?" asked Charlie.  "GREAT!!", said Alan, "Now I need a step ladder, a rubber chicken, and some chocolate syrup."  

On closer inspection it would appear that I purchased a 40-pack of AA batteries, not 24.  I hope I don't fall victim to the Matt Pupkaris syndrome.  Matt is a friend who bought a giant carton of Q-tips, then wondered what he was going to do with a gazillion of the items.  He started giving away the smaller packs and, a week later, had to go back to Costco.  He was out of Q-tips.  I would have gone to CVS.

I've run into Lee Harris '59 at Good Time Charlie's twice in the past few years.  Interesting, since he lives in Dunwoody, Georgia.  Now he's asked for the name of the Mexican Restaurant advertising San Diego's Best Burrito's.  I've reminded him that it's in Spokane, Washington.  Be on the lookout, Tim Abbey.


I recently discovered Cathy Moorhead Keyser '62 passed away on February 23, 2002 in Olympia Washington.  Cathy went to Horace Mann and attended Crawford but graduated from a high school in Hawaii. She went on to become a registered nurse -- Donna Ochiuto Rydon

It is with much sadness that I report the death of Karen Anne Sather '63.  She passed away on April 22, 2012.  I do not know the details of her death, but she had been ill with Crohn's Disease for a number of years.  Her sister asked me to share this information with Crawford Colts who knew her -- Joan Sanders Minnick

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fry Day June 22


June 22, 2012

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This is the week, each year, that I contemplate the conundrum that is the first day of summer.  For the first half of my life it always conjured up Nat King Cole, singing "Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer."  Now it's, "Wait a minute, you mean the days are going to get shorter?  What's THAT about?"


Julie Eskew Daniels '64 says her after prom was held at La Mesa Bowl, later the campus of Coleman College.


Good news this week for Lee Cook '64.  He learned that a movie being filmed about world-renowned mountaineer Lou Whitaker contains a bar scene featuring the song "Texas Bounty Hunter", written by Lee and performed by Lee and his Joe Grease Band.

Tim Abbey '71 in Spokane, Washington, "So I was driving tonight, after a beautiful walk along the Spokane River, and saw this sign for Atilano's Mexican Food.   I never knew the restaurant in San Diego, or if there ever was one with this name, but sure enough -- San Diego burritos in the Northwest.

Chet Carney ‘74 shares a news item regarding his classmate Beverly Simmons, who has been reported missing by the San Diego Police Department.  She was last seen in the 2400 block of Fairmount Avenue on June 13th.  Click HERE for more details.

BREAKING NEWS!!  Beverly was found in Las Vegas.  Details to follow -- maybe

Rick Combs '59 shares his 1953 Sixth Grade Class Photo from John Adams Elementary and wonders if any other Colts attended the Normal Heights school.  

(In Second Grade I attended Adams, Dewey, Brooklyn, Bancroft and -- in Guam -- George Washington Elementary, not necessarily in that order -- JF)

Kathy Keeyes Antus '68 forwards class photos from Kindergarten through 3rd Grade at Blessed Sacrament School.  With the help of Susan Weetman Belair she was able to put names on a lot of 1st Graders.

Here’s Kathy in her 1968 cap and gown.  If you too were a member of the largest class ever to graduate from Crawford, you might be able to find yourself in the Aztec Bowl photo that Kathy also sent.  

Ann Lebus Schmidt ‘74 shares the Henry Clay Elementary Sixth Grade Class Photo of brother Glenn Lebus ‘72.  You’ll have a better chance of spotting him if you go to the blog. 


Mike Stout '63 passed away on May 13th.  He lived in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Diana McGowan died on June 5th after a long battle with cancer.  A memorial service in celebration of her life will be held June 30, 2012, at Mission Trails Regional Park, located at One Father Junipero Serra Trail, San Diego, CA, 92119, from 5:15 p.m. to 7:00 p.m  Click HERE to sign the guest book.

Friday, June 15, 2012


June 15, 2012

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My neighbor Sandy dropped by the other night to let me know that her renters, in the house next to me would soon be leaving, and that she was interviewing a new tenant but wanted to check with me first.  She's very considerate.  He's 30.  OK.  He's a musician who's been hired to play in the Summer Pops.  OK.  He'll need to practice during the day.  OK.  He plays the tuba.  Oh, really? That should be interesting.  I'll keep you posted.


Ken Kramer Interviews Jim Daigh

I wore my subtlest Hawaiian shirt to Rudford's Restaurant last week to hook up with Jim Daigh '64 -- and I almost blended in.  Jim was there to be interviewed by Ken Kramer about the day 49 years earlier when he took the great picture of John F. Kennedy in front of Rudford's.  You can revisit the site and see a couple of photos of the interview taken by Jim's wife Marla.  Nancy took the portrait of me, plus another shot on the web page.

Guess Which Colt Is Greek?

A Colt Mini-Reunion.  Victor Perez ’71, Alexandra “Sandy” Mouzas ’73, Phil Piscopo ‘71 and Irma Perez ’74 at the San Diego Greek Festival at Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church on June 8, 2012.

Henry Clay Elementary

Ann Lebus Schmidt '74 finally figured out how to use her scanner, and forwards her 4th, 5th and 6th Grade (above) photos from Henry Clay Elementary School.  What a sweet sentiment she shares in saying good bye to Mr. Hill.  Reminds me of when I taught at Hale Junior High.  They loved me -- or so I thought.  I was paging fondly, not long ago, through one of my annuals and sat up straight when I spotted "You Suck Mr. Fry!!"  It was unsigned.  Ah, kids


Spray Nozzles?

Your continued work to keep all of us Colts connected is AWESOME!  Curious minds wonder if taking all the "spray net nozzles'' was for the fun of it or did they really serve a purpose?  Eileen Baumgarten Gaudette ’74

(If you have no idea what Eileen is talking about, join the club.  Turns out she actually READS the stuff I put out, including the Golden Anniversary Pacer, in which one John Fry willed his "collection of spray nozzles to the people from whom they were taken".  It must be true because it's in the paper, but I have absolutely no recollection of such a thing -- JF)

Profesora Brownell

Thanks for the heads up on Profesora Brownell.  I will send out a card this morning and maybe it will get to her in time! I went on to major in Spanish language and history at San Diego State.   I never used my Spanish for its intended use.  I wanted to be a teacher, just like Ms. Brownell.  I ended up marrying just out of college, having three kids (all who speak Spanish!!) and becoming a real estate broker when they were all in school! But, as someone famous once said "Educate a man, and you educate a wage earner; educate a woman and you educate the children of the world".  So Ms. Brownell taught me the love of the land and the language, and I passed it on to my kids!   I have used my Spanish on many, many trips to all parts of Mexico. so it never went to waste!!  Jaye Apcenski Munger ’60
You and your amazing website, and e-mail list.  Another wonderful stack of birthday greetings for Mom.  She enjoyed every one of them on her 101st Birthday.  Thank everyone who responded.  Steve Brownell ‘64

Where was the '64 Prom?

Yes the 64 prom was at the El Cortez when it still had a glass elevator.  That and the graduation ceremony were the only "senior" events I was able to attend -- Karen Richter Tolvo ’64

The '64 Prom was at the El Cortez. But I can’t remember the where the bowling alley the after prom was at. I know it was right beside Hwy. 8 -- Dennis Mullican '64

Tell Maureen Nepp Millman it was the El Cortez Hotel.   I recall riding the glass elevator up the side along with Carol Fisk -- Ron Dixon ‘64

Yes, it was held at the El Cortez complete with an actual Carousal in the ballroom!  I think "Carousal" was the theme! See pictures in the "64" Annual! Bob Zito ’64

Yep, ‘64 prom at El Cortez -- Julie Eskew Daniel ’64

Yes the '64 prom was held at the El Cortez......remember it well.....ok sorta....the after prom was at a bowling alley. I’m looking for info on prom date Michael Rundt -- Dotty Saladin Matz ’64

It was only 42 years ago but I thought I was at the El Cortez in 64 -- John Murphy ’64

The comment by Maureen reminded me of the saying "If you can remember the ‘60s, you really weren't there".  Thanks for the smiles every Fry day -- Pat Chambers ’60

Are you a Turtle?

John, if someone asks you "Are you a turtle" the correct answer is "You bet your sweet ass I am". I have no idea of the origins, but I believe it was in the mid sixties when I first heard it -- Rick Combs '59

John. the way I heard the story was: when somebody ask you if you were a turtle you had to say "you bet your sweet ass I am" If not you had to buy them a drink. ( An old astronaut joke) -- Jim Smith ’63

Miriam Kanter Plotkin '72 let me know that she is an authority on real turtles and tortoises AND, in fact, IS herself a turtle.  Well, she sent me some of the double-entendre questions.  I would share them but I can't for the life of me figure out clean answers to any of them.  Doesn't matter.  All is revealed in the next letter.
Hi John,Once again I had fellow Colts vouch for my memory and sanity. I heard directly from Donna E. Johnson ’62 and Leslie Benjamin Wichers ’71 who both are members of The Turtles Club.  Leslie sent a Wiki link and given your interest in military aviation you might find the WIKI LINK to be of interest.   Again thanks for providing me the opportunity to once more prove my sanity to my wife -- Ed Schoenberg  ‘70

Friday, June 8, 2012


June 8, 2012

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I spent much of last weekend and Monday folding, labeling, and double-stickering 550 Crawford Alumni newsletters.  On Tuesday Nancy and I took them to the Midway Post Office.  If you're a subscriber you should have gotten yours in the mail.  It was a spectacular day so we drove out to the Cabrillo Monument before lunching at Good Time Charlie's with the Class of '63 Reunion Committee.  A good time was had by all.  There are still venues to be investigated, with October 2013  as a probable date.


If you participated in the Rock 'n Roll Marathon, and thought you were having a near-death experience, that really WAS Lulu Anaya Bayless '63 on the 163 Freeway cheering you on while pounding on a Taiko drum.

Profesora Brownell (Archibald) will turn 101 on June 11th, notes hijo Steve Brownell '64.  If you'd like to pop a birthday card in the mail, send it to:  Frances Archibald, 5682 Kingsford Terrace, Irvine, CA, 92603 

Maureen Nepp Millman '64 says she's having a Senior Moment, or at least was having one when she couldn't recall if her prom was at El Cortez -- or somewhere else.  Thoughts?


Adele Spirz Delgado '71reports in:  "I've lived just above Lake Henshaw, on Mesa Grande, since 1976. Those turkeys were introduced without input from the public many years ago.   When they first were sighted by locals we asked if they were drinking Wild Turkey when they saw them.  When it became apparent they really were here and fish and game asked for comment, they had already done too well to do anything about it.  They are a non-native species, taking the  Quail niche habitat.  They have stripped my grape vines, taken my peacocks away with them, mowed down the outfields, damaged vehicles unlucky enough to run into them but they are good on the BBQ -- just stuff with sage, rosemary, apples and enjoy." 

"Are you a turtle?"  I guess not.  Someone said she was going to share the secret questions with me, but never got back to me.


The party's over.  Here's the last Pacer for the Class of '62 Seniors, an 8-page extravaganza, published on June 4, 1962.  I've taken the liberty of showing my final page as Sports Editor above.   Click HERE to enjoy.


Marilyn Medak '63 died on April 29, 2012.  You can read a short obituary and sign the guest book on the Class of 1963 Obituary Page.

Janice Wilkerson Ziemann '63 passed away on May 29th due to complications from diabetes and kidney failure.  A few additional facts are available on the Class of '63 Obituary Page.

Susan Terdik Tippets '64 died on May 30th.  Sharrin Mass Miller '61 sent the sad tidings, noting that Susan and Sharon's husband discovered the Colt Connection when they worked together.

Friday, June 1, 2012


June 1, 2012

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Renewal envelopes for the quarterly newsletter went out this past Tuesday.  If you'd like to subscribe or renew on-line click HERE.


Hi John
I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do and the fun and interesting things that you post.  My husband Bob Biehler so looked forward to his “Fry Day!” email and made sure he had time to read it before getting started for the day.  Thank you for the smiles and memories that you gave him. The evening before he passed away, he talked on the phone to a man by the name of David Dickinson who has a website called The Old Car Nut.  He is collecting stories about car guys and Bob wanted to tell him some stories.  They had plans to meet but alas that was not to be.  Bob had started a list of things he wanted to tell David about.  I know some of the stories so David came to our house and met with me for hours.  He is publishing stories about Bob’s life and car things as I remember them and he can get them online.  His first story about Bob is called Southern California Dreamer.  Thanks again John for the memories you gave Bob and shared about him -- Tanya Biehler (360-491-3818)


I was in adapted PE at Crawford because of my asthma.  I was fortunate enough, in my senior year (I think), to be introduced to the sport of archery.  Apparently I did well enough at it (which doesn’t say anything because not many were interested…nor did they consider it a sport…) that I was entered into the intra-murals…couldn’t tell you how many or which schools were involved.  All I know is that I won the blue ribbon.  There was an event (don’t know exactly what it entailed) to present the ribbons.  My parents wouldn’t let me go (they didn’t think it was note-worthy either).  It’s just that no one believes I won a “sport” ribbon!  And, I have no proof…except that my retired SDPD husband claims I’m a great shot with a handgun.  If anyone recalls anything about archery intra-murals in 1967 or 1968 I would like to hear from them. -- Kat Lally Wolf '68


Ed Schoenberg's long-suffering wife apparently had finally accepted the fact that Der Wienerschnitzel ads once urged you to "put a great big hot dog in your face", when Ed's PTSD acted up again.  I'll let HIM tell it.  

I again need your help with a check on my memory and/or sanity. The other day while watching TV someone on the show asked “Are you a turtle?” -- to which I immediately shouted out “You bet your sweet ass I am”.  Of course my wife gave me the “what -- are you crazy?” look and then asked “what was that all about?”.  I told her that in high school I was a member of the Turtles Club.  As I recall it was not a sanctioned club per se but -- when you became a member by answering four double entendre questions -- you got a Turtle Club card.  I remember that I became a member through my friends in the Play Productions class (so it may have been confined to the “drama types”) but I remember little else about it.  Once again my wife believes I’m making this all up so I’m appealing to the “Colt Community” to defend my memory and sanity once again by sharing what they remember about the “Turtles” -- Ed Schoenberg ‘70


Sharon Meiner Calton '62 shares the bids from the 1962 Prom and After-Prom -- 50 years to the day after the event.  The prom was held at the El Cortez and the after prom at Parkway Bowl.


Barbara Prout Fulton '62 died Saturday, May 19th at San Diego at San Diego Hospice.  She had suffered from cancer and dementia.  Barbara was buried at El Camino Memorial Park.  Click HERE to sign the on-line guest book.