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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fry Day July 20th

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You know it's time to clean off your desk when you have instruction manuals for two different cameras, produced 40 years apart, by a company that is going out of business.

Subscribing to the quarterly newsletter were Diane Dowling '61, Pomela Stewart Furtkamp '61 and Janis Irvine Ricards '64.  Thank you ladies.

From Spokane, Washington -- home of the finest San Diego Burritos -- Tim Abbey '71 sends word that his wife discovered a treasure while getting ready for a yard sale.  It's an LP entitled Horace Mann Junior High Advanced Band and Advanced Orchestra, Mr. Carlyle Hume, Director.  Tim's willing to send it to the first interested person, or perhaps to the person with the best story.  Click HERE to email your request.

I am in receipt of Henry F. Bugenhagen, Architect, a gorgeous coffee-table iBook published by his son Bill.  Henry designed many homes and businesses in Pacific Beach and La Jolla, including the condominium complex above for Sandy Shapery '61.