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Friday, November 30, 2018

November 30, 2018

I'm not sure I get this -- which is what makes it so hilarious.

This is a postcard of the interior of a Pat Brillo's restaurant.  A discussion on Facebook centers around which Pat Brillo's it might have been.  The postcard is from the John and Jane Adams Postcard Collection at the SDSU Library.  Click HERE to read more about it -- and discover the connection between Pat Brillo's and Julio's, on 45th and University.

Ernie Cowan's most recent outdoors column hits close to home, especially if you were in Boy Scouts with my 1962 classmate.  Ernie's article on the prickly cholla cactus harkened back to an incident in which his troop was camping in the desert and one of the scouts backed into a cactus.  Writes Ernie, "The gang of Scouts gathered around as the victim dropped his trousers while the scoutmaster began the painful task of removing the hooked spines. It was a memorable event with a very high snicker factor."  I wonder if the wounded youth went on to Crawford.  Click HERE to read the article.

Here's the Pacer from November 27, 1963, five days after the assassination of President Kennedy.  Click HERE to read all four pages.  Spoiler alert -- Jan Raborn was elected Homecoming Queen, Jan Irvine was December Girl of the Month, and Carnival was selected as the theme for the ASB Ball.

Did you know the late Carol Wellington '63?  Doesn't matter.  You'll still like reading the homage her son Jeffree Benet has posted on the web.  Click HERE and enjoy.   

Friday, November 23, 2018

November 23, 2018

Veterans' Day must have jogged the memory of Carlene Smelko Malin '64.  She shared a rubbing of classmate Rim Dungey's name on The Wall during a trip to DC this summer.

I forgot to share a photo of myself during my Navy days.  This was taken in a studio on Pine Street in Long Beach in 1948 while I was on liberty.

Turns out the 54th St Street Video goes northbound from El Cajon Blvd to Montezuma, in the days before Collwood Blvd -- and back.  Click HERE to check it out.

Last week's photo of Margaret Richardson '59 posing with her new J. C. Higgins bicycle at her home in Frontier Housing was well received.  Brother Bob Richardson '61 has decided to share a photo of his ownself , taken at the same time, circa 1949.

Greg May has apparently added some photos to the Campus Drive-in album of his Vintage San Diego Facebook page.  If you have Facebook you should be able to click HERE and check them out.

The Golden Anniversary Pacer is the issue of November 27, 1968.  Click HERE to read all six pages.

I've just learned of the passing of Frank Greiner on August 23, 2018.  He and his wife Georgi Dukes Greiner '71 raised Gypsy horses at Hacienda de los Gitanos, their ranch in Ramona.  Frank's father shipped him off to the military so he has no photo in the annual.   

A Celebration of Life for Carolyn Schneider Reyes '75, who passed away August 17th, will be held Saturday, December 1st, at Cannonball, 3105 Ocean Front Walk, from 1 to 3.  Cannonball is part of Belmont Park.  Click HERE for the E-Vite.

Friday, November 16, 2018

November 16, 2018

The Class of 1970 had a mini-reunion at Kris Pruski Wood's beautiful new home in Prescott, Arizona on Sunday, November 11th.  Front row: Jan Gasulla Lawton and Kris; Back row: Steve Hoke, Gary Gallerstein, Wayne Zucker, Craig Juleen, and Bernie Feldman.  Jan also lives in Prescott and Gary lives in nearby Sedona.  The rest of us haven't moved from San Diego yet, but were in Sedona visiting with Gary and doing some hiking over the long Veteran's Day weekend.  BTW, while hiking in Sedona Saturday we had an argument about whether our old friend and classmate Matt Leddick was the Marlboro Man or the Winston Man up on the billboards back in the '70s.  We located Matt's phone number from his Santa Ynez real estate agent website and surprised him with a speakerphone call right from the trail (which also included Butch Hiller, '71). Shockingly, it turns out Matt was the Winston Man! -- Wayne Zucker

Speaking of moving to Arizona, I stumbled on the fact that if I move to Peeples Valley, population 374, I could pick up a mobile home for $71,500 -- and my address would be on S John Fry Avenue!!

I'm going deaf -- and blind!!  I would have sworn this hearing aid ad in the Union-Tribune was for grandparents who wish to "fear" their grandchildren.  I don't have any grandchildren so I'm off the hook.

Jack Tempchin '65 is in the news again.  This time the man who penned "Peaceful Easy Feeling" for the Eagles, is going into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, along with Mariah Carey, Vince Gill and Cat Stevens.  Click HERE to read George Varga's article in the UT.

Ron Dixon sent compliments for last week's photos of him in Little League.  The ex-Charger Cannon Man also shared a photo taken of him at StubHub with his own Chargers jersey.   (I thought Philip Rivers wore #17)

Last Sunday marked the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI -- the War to End All Wars.  100 years ago seems ancient, but 50 years ago doesn't.  I meant to honor my buddy Ron Davidson last August 5th, 50 years after his death in Vietnam.  Some of you knew him as Coach Davidson at Horace Mann.   Click HERE to take another look at the page I have devoted to him.

Crawford played Lincoln on this date in 1962.  They met at San Diego State, in Aztec Bowl, where Viejas Arena is today.  The game started at 8 PM.  I'm falling asleep in the Barcalounger these days at 8 PM.  Click HERE to take a look at the program.

I LOVE this 1949 photo of Margaret Richardson '59 taken at Frontier Housing.  A Facebook discussion of Frontier Housing popped up this week, including a 1992 article in The Reader.  Click HERE to revisit my web page dedicated to Frontier Housing, and HERE to look at the article in the Reader.

Who knew?  There is a digital archives on the site.  You can look at photos, videos, and listen to old City Council meetings.  I clicked on the Northbound 54th St video.  I don't think it is northbound.  I'm not even sure it's 54th, but it sure looks familiar.  Click HERE if you'd like to check it out.

Friday, November 9, 2018

November 9, 2018

Here's Bizarro from last Sunday, spoofing "The Real Housewives" franchise.

Truth is stranger than fiction.  I assume you heard about Dennis Hof, who was elected to the Nevada State Assembly, despite having died on October 16th.  Click HERE if you'd like to read more about it in the New York Times.

Bob Belenzon's Little League photo last week caused Ron Dixon '64 to share a couple of color images of his time as a Texas Comet circa 1954.  Yes, it was Rolando Little League.  No, he doesn't remember the backstory on the Texas Comets.   I wasn't surprised to learn that Ron was a catcher -- he LOOKS like a catcher.   Click HERE to recall Ron's best day as the Chargers' Cannon Man.  And HERE to read about his decision not to follow the Chargers to Los Angeles.  PS -- Ron says he rode the pine as a catcher at Crawford.  Something about a starting catcher named Ed Herrmann, who went on to the Big Leagues.

Remember Victory at Sea, which ran on TV in 1952?  (If you weren't born yet, keep your snarky comments to yourself).  I just discovered you can watch all 26 episodes free on YouTube.  I'm on Episode 11.  Richard Rodgers' music track MADE the series.  Click HERE if you'd like to check it out.  

How did THAT happen?  I just realized I have Pacers posted on the website that date back 60 years (61 actually).  Click HERE to read the November 12, 1958 issue.  Are you sitting down?   The first Centaur went on sale -- $4.00 if you bought in early, $4.50 if you procrastinated.