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Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016

Looks like football season begins tonight for Crawford, which is picked to finish third in the Central League.  You better hitch up the buckboard early if you want to travel to the 6:30 kickoff of tonight's game.  It's at Mountain Empire High School in Pine Valley.  Those of you who check your maps on-line may, like me, be surprised to learn that you get there by traveling east on the Kumeyaay Highway.  Some of us still think of it as I-8. 

I got a kick out of Wednesday's Bliss Cartoon

My classmate Gary Schulte sent me a San Diego Sun newspaper dated September 26, 1938.  I scanned some articles and posted them on Facebook last week.  Those of you who don't do Facebook can now read them on my web site.  Click HERE.

I guess Sandy Shapery's replica Electriquettes are up and running in Balboa Park.  The Union-Tribune's Karla Peterson took one for a test drive.   Click HERE to read her story.  Sandy Shapery is a 1961 Crawford graduate.

I awoke Monday morning with Ernie Dronenburg speaking out of my clock radio.  Turns out he was making an endorsement in the County Supervisors' race.  You can read all about it on the KPBS web site.  Ernie Dronenburg is also a 1961 Crawford graduate.

Speaking of politics, 10 people have taken out papers in the City of El Cajon council election.  One of them is George Glover '73.  Read more about George and his competition in East County Magazine.

(Please do not send me a nasty email.  I'm not endorsing political candidates.  I'm just letting you know about Colts in the news)

James Norman Smith '61 passed away August 8th -- a week after being diagnosed with liver cancer.  I've posted a small obituary on the Class of '61 Obituary Page