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Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21, 2015

IT'S STILL DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH but it looks like it will be a beautiful day.  The Wingo Women have returned, so I'm hoping Nancy will take me to the Waffle Spot, even though the lobby at the "Winchester House" King's Inn is still undergoing a "remodel" and a special path is required to get to the restaurant.

Dana Moffat -- granddaughter of Mike Fry and Karen Kees --  and her three boat-mates, bought home the gold in the World Rowing Junior Championship on August 8th.  Now, Dana -- second from left in the photo above -- will be rowing in senior matches with the UC Berkeley rowing team. A much sought-after young rowing powerhouse, she was awarded a full-ride four year scholarship to Berkeley.

Remember "The Tin Man" that stood atop the gas station on 32nd and University?  Greg May has a photo of it on his Vintage San Diego Facebook Page and, better yet, a Ken Kramer "About San Diego" story on its history.

Greg continues to add photos to his Jack-in-the-Box album, including a few taken by yours truly and at least one from my web site.  

Alan Osborn '64 forwards a snapshot of his English class, taught by E T Ross in Room 202.  Maybe you can help ID some of the students.  Click HERE to get to work.