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Friday, November 9, 2012

WEATHER PERMITTING, Nancy and I are going to travel east to Alpine for breakfast with Stephanie Rose Petersen at her favorite place -- Janet's Montana Cafe.

NOOOOOOO!!  Just when I was imagining television without political commercials, I thought I heard the jingle bells of the Christmas season.  Turns out the light at the end of the tunnel was the headlight of an oncoming train.

Some 1970 Classmates gathered at the home of Patty Crohn Patterson on October 14th.  Standing are Bonnie Miner Kau, Helen Bruce Ireland, Barbara Alvarez, Jane Debolt Blackwell, Kris Pruski Wood, Denise Daniels Casinelli, Rene Hansel Riley-Clay and Patty Crohn Patterson.  Kneeling are "the twins" -- Belinda Solberg Bales and Melinda Solberg Bachstein.  Says Kris Wood, "We had fun catching up on each others lives and playing "dress up" with Silpada sterling silver jewelry (I'm a rep) and "Jockey for Her" clothing (Jane Blackwell is a rep).

Sharon Cramer Sceper '68 predicted I'd get lots of mail about the Proctor Valley Monster -- but I didn't. I DID get a lot of emails about whether or not Driver's Ed was still being offered at Crawford in 1971.  Sharon said she learned to drive in a simulator, another person got to practice correcting a skid in the rain at Jack Murphy Stadium, and someone else said they got to drive to the beach -- and saw the white deer in Mission Valley by the Presidio.  I'll publish all of the responses in the December 12-page newsletter.

The Golden Anniversary Pacer, from November 8, 1962, is awash in familiar names.  Mrs. Frances Brownell was named Channel 10's Teacher of the Week, Gary Stewart's hot rod was Heap of the Week, and Dave Duncan was Athlete of the Month.  Ruth Marie Leatherman and Jerry Dwayne Lovelady were the featured Senior Sketches, plus Joe Keeyes and Jerry Smithson got their pictures on the front page.  Click HERE to get the details.