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Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25, 2013

IT’S STILL DARK IN PB and I’m wondering why I don’t send this out a little later.  When Nancy gets down from Escondido we’ll deliver books to Crystal Pier and mail to the Midway Post Office.  Where we brunch will depend on where we can park.

Come on by the Amigo Spot tomorrow night for Halloween.  Stephanie’s hired a DJ.  I’m afraid to ask what kind of creepy food will be on tap.  Nancy’s coming as a witch, Lisa’s coming as a purple witch, and I’m coming as a curmudgeon.

Here’s one of my favorite streetcar photos, taken by L K Dewein on July 21, 1924.  It was taken on the occasion of the first run of the “Mission Beach Special”.  For 75¢ you could zoom to Mission Beach, take a swim, grab a bite, and be back downtown in an hour and a half.  Click HERE to see this photo in its 9 x 12 glory.  

Remember entertainer Jimmy Gilmer?  Me neither, but he had the Number One single 50 years ago on the KGB 1360 Top 40.  Click HERE to see what it was, along with the other 39.

Can you name these members of the Class of ‘60 Reunion Committee?  They recently had lunch at MCRD.  Click HERE for a photo large enough to give you a fighting chance.

Tom Cassie wondered if I’d seen the photo of our classmate Bill Lamden in the Entertainment Section of Sunday’s U-T.  The article was about the financial health of the San Diego Symphony, with nice words about Bill’s wife, Evelyn Olson Lamden, chair of the orchestra’s board of directors.  I went back and reread the article and figured out why I missed Bill’s photo.  She’s wearing red in the photo below, which was elsewhere on the page.  Oh, that’s Bill and Evelyn at the left in the photo above. Click HERE if you'd like to actually read the article.

Did I say George last week?  Ron Smith ‘72 actually lives in Georgia, I assume the one in America, not the one in Russia.  At any rate he’s shared a 1962 team photo of the Rolando Park Tigers.  The thank you note to the team scorer contains the names of the players.  Click HERE to check them out.