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Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

Remember when all you had to do was turn a knob to change stations on your car radio?  Nancy has "Music of the '40s" on her Kia Sirius radio and I allowed as how I missed the '50s tunes she used to play.  I think I could land a 747 before I could figure out how to work Sirius.   We realized we'd have to head back to my house, get on the computer and access Google to find out how to change stations.  Oh, are you waiting to hear what happened?  We got back to my place but forgot why we were there.  I'm gonna look for a YouTube instructional video today.

Any chance you were a teammate of Richard Lidbom on the 1958 Piggly Wiggly Little League team?  I have the team photo on the web site, but no names -- not even Richard's.  Click HERE to investigate.

I'm not sure what Fillies Follies was, but the late Ann Roskos Rofflesen shared the program from the March 20, 1963 event.  Rollie Fanton, Linda Johnson, and Kathy Houser were the opening act.  I think they also performed at the 50 Year Reunion.  Click HERE to take a look.

Are you a 1962 Rolando Park graduate?  You might be in Mike Newell's class photos -- Kindergarten through Grade 6.  Click HERE to check them out.