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Friday, November 16, 2018

November 16, 2018

The Class of 1970 had a mini-reunion at Kris Pruski Wood's beautiful new home in Prescott, Arizona on Sunday, November 11th.  Front row: Jan Gasulla Lawton and Kris; Back row: Steve Hoke, Gary Gallerstein, Wayne Zucker, Craig Juleen, and Bernie Feldman.  Jan also lives in Prescott and Gary lives in nearby Sedona.  The rest of us haven't moved from San Diego yet, but were in Sedona visiting with Gary and doing some hiking over the long Veteran's Day weekend.  BTW, while hiking in Sedona Saturday we had an argument about whether our old friend and classmate Matt Leddick was the Marlboro Man or the Winston Man up on the billboards back in the '70s.  We located Matt's phone number from his Santa Ynez real estate agent website and surprised him with a speakerphone call right from the trail (which also included Butch Hiller, '71). Shockingly, it turns out Matt was the Winston Man! -- Wayne Zucker

Speaking of moving to Arizona, I stumbled on the fact that if I move to Peeples Valley, population 374, I could pick up a mobile home for $71,500 -- and my address would be on S John Fry Avenue!!

I'm going deaf -- and blind!!  I would have sworn this hearing aid ad in the Union-Tribune was for grandparents who wish to "fear" their grandchildren.  I don't have any grandchildren so I'm off the hook.

Jack Tempchin '65 is in the news again.  This time the man who penned "Peaceful Easy Feeling" for the Eagles, is going into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, along with Mariah Carey, Vince Gill and Cat Stevens.  Click HERE to read George Varga's article in the UT.

Ron Dixon sent compliments for last week's photos of him in Little League.  The ex-Charger Cannon Man also shared a photo taken of him at StubHub with his own Chargers jersey.   (I thought Philip Rivers wore #17)

Last Sunday marked the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI -- the War to End All Wars.  100 years ago seems ancient, but 50 years ago doesn't.  I meant to honor my buddy Ron Davidson last August 5th, 50 years after his death in Vietnam.  Some of you knew him as Coach Davidson at Horace Mann.   Click HERE to take another look at the page I have devoted to him.

Crawford played Lincoln on this date in 1962.  They met at San Diego State, in Aztec Bowl, where Viejas Arena is today.  The game started at 8 PM.  I'm falling asleep in the Barcalounger these days at 8 PM.  Click HERE to take a look at the program.

I LOVE this 1949 photo of Margaret Richardson '59 taken at Frontier Housing.  A Facebook discussion of Frontier Housing popped up this week, including a 1992 article in The Reader.  Click HERE to revisit my web page dedicated to Frontier Housing, and HERE to look at the article in the Reader.

Who knew?  There is a digital archives on the site.  You can look at photos, videos, and listen to old City Council meetings.  I clicked on the Northbound 54th St video.  I don't think it is northbound.  I'm not even sure it's 54th, but it sure looks familiar.  Click HERE if you'd like to check it out.

Friday, November 9, 2018

November 9, 2018

Here's Bizarro from last Sunday, spoofing "The Real Housewives" franchise.

Truth is stranger than fiction.  I assume you heard about Dennis Hof, who was elected to the Nevada State Assembly, despite having died on October 16th.  Click HERE if you'd like to read more about it in the New York Times.

Bob Belenzon's Little League photo last week caused Ron Dixon '64 to share a couple of color images of his time as a Texas Comet circa 1954.  Yes, it was Rolando Little League.  No, he doesn't remember the backstory on the Texas Comets.   I wasn't surprised to learn that Ron was a catcher -- he LOOKS like a catcher.   Click HERE to recall Ron's best day as the Chargers' Cannon Man.  And HERE to read about his decision not to follow the Chargers to Los Angeles.  PS -- Ron says he rode the pine as a catcher at Crawford.  Something about a starting catcher named Ed Herrmann, who went on to the Big Leagues.

Remember Victory at Sea, which ran on TV in 1952?  (If you weren't born yet, keep your snarky comments to yourself).  I just discovered you can watch all 26 episodes free on YouTube.  I'm on Episode 11.  Richard Rodgers' music track MADE the series.  Click HERE if you'd like to check it out.  

How did THAT happen?  I just realized I have Pacers posted on the website that date back 60 years (61 actually).  Click HERE to read the November 12, 1958 issue.  Are you sitting down?   The first Centaur went on sale -- $4.00 if you bought in early, $4.50 if you procrastinated.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

November 2, 2018

I was momentarily excited this week when I was able to successfully add pages to my web site using SeaMonkey software.  The excitement went away when I tried to place a link that would lead you to the page.  I'm getting too old to learn new stuff but I'll see what I can do.  In the meantime, I'll post the http addresses and hope you can figure out how to copy and paste them into your browser.  

My new book, co-authored with Nancy Wingo, was published this week by Arcadia Publishing.  It features 90 color photos that I took around Pacific Beach beginning in 1979.  Each photo is paired with a recent shot of the same location taken by Nancy.   The book sells for $23.99, plus shipping and tax.  Copy and paste the link below for information on how to purchase an autographed copy.  (Or email me at

I'm thinking Jack Tempchin '65 is a lucky guy.  As the writer of some of The Eagles best-known songs, he should be sitting pretty.  Better yet, he is anonymous enough that he can probably visit his favorite haunts and not be pestered.  Anyway, the 71-year old Colt was part of last Saturday's 10th Annual Aging Expo, which was a good excuse for George Varga to write a nice article for the Union-Tribune.  Click HERE if you'd like to read it. 

Remember when Coors Amphitheater was built in Chula Vista in 1998?  Doesn't matter.  As of yesterday, it is North Island Credit Union Amphitheater.  Think it's had a bunch of other names?  You're right.  Click HERE to read the article in the Union-Tribune.

Speaking of naming rights, I believe NASA allowed as how it was considering the concept.  The humorists on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, figured Viagra would be first in line.

Bob Belenzon '70 has TWO items for Show and Tell.  Above is the 1964 Montezuma Elementary Graduation program.  Below is the Rolando Little League American Mattress team from 1962 -- maybe.  Bob isn't positive about the date.  The good news is I've posted these on my web site.  The bad news is, the system I used to use, doesn't seem to want to work on SeaMonkey web software.  

Here's the Golden Anniversary issue of the Pacer from October 31, 1968.  Click HERE too see all four pages.

Friday, October 26, 2018

October 26, 2018

I LOVE Grim Reaper cartoons!!

She should have won the Nobel Prize!!  Dorcas Reilly, creator of the Green Bean Casserole, is dead at 92.  Click HERE to read the obituary in the New York Times.  (They imply that she also created the Tuna Casserole -- another winner)

The KDEO "Fabulous 40" from the week of October 29, 1960.  Click HERE to check out the tunes.

Almost everything I share these days is snagged off of Facebook -- such as the following three items 

Paula Hildebrand Clare was in town, taking a stroll near La Jolla Cove, when she was hit on by two Senior Stud Muffins.  After introductions, Paula allowed as how she was a 1964 Crawford High graduate and discovered the fellow on the right was Coach Dick Draz.  I'm not sure who the other guy is.  I wonder if they consulted by phone before selecting their wardrobes.

Posing for a picture at the Class of '68 50th Reunion were Kathy Bechemer, Bonnie Prado, Dianne Onnen and Kathy Noble.  I think Bonnie's wondering if someone is going to take that last piece of Carrot Cake.

Janie Leiker asked if anyone knew her husband Dan Leiker '64, who passed away on July 22, 2015.  They were married for 47 years.  I was able to connect Janie with Chuck Baurmann, Dan's best childhood pal.

Friday, October 19, 2018

October 19, 2018

Bart King '69 WAS able to change the dates on last week's cartoon to 1958 and 2018.

Here's a cartoon from Harry Bliss that I got a kick out of. 
You need to know Jackson Pollack's work to appreciate it.

National news this week talked about Sears filing for bankruptcy. Click HERE if you'd like to read an article on "Sears Through The Years".  Locally, plans for a new development on the old Sears site at UTC were revealed.  Click HERE to read the article in the UT.

You're getting on in years if you can say you shopped at the "Old Sears" -- in three different locations.

At University Town Center.

In Hillcrest, at 1290 Cleveland Avenue.  

(Click HERE to revisit a previous web discussion of this store)

Downtown, at the northeast corner of 6th and C.  This photo looks north on 6th.

Remember the City Schools Football Carnivals that kicked off each prep season?  Crawford played La Jolla in the first quarter of the match held on September 26, 1958.  Click HERE to peruse the program.  Dear God in Heaven -- the fourth quarter started at 9:50 PM!!!

The coronation of Terry Potter as homecoming queen headlined the October 17, 1968 edition of the Pacer.  Click HERE to read all four pages.

I've just learned of the passing of Donna Wykle Woelfle '60.  She was born in East Peoria, IL on March 10, 1941 and died in East Peoria, IL on August 4, 2018.  I wonder how she ended up graduating from Crawford?  Click HERE to read an obituary and sign the Memory Book.  Donna's husband Irv would like to hear from Emily Adams Byerley, who attended their wedding on February 20, 1960.  

Friday, October 12, 2018

October 12, 2018

This just reappeared on Facebook.  If I knew how, I'd change the dates to 1958 and 2018.  The guy on the right, if you're confused, is completely tattooed in apparently the same pattern as the other guy's trunks.

1964 classmates Frank Klepach, Paul Woolery, and  Andy Lemons got together last Fry Day at Johnnie B's in La Mesa, where the alcohol content of the beers is posted on the wall.   I'd steer clear of the Stone Delicious IPA at 7.7%.

The four-hour History of the Circus on PBS this week reminded me of the 1949 photo Bob Richardson's dad took of the Clyde Beatty Circus when it was in town.  Click HERE to see it enlarged, read some comments, and peruse the San Diego Union advertisement I've posted.

Friday, October 5, 2018

October 5, 2018

Why yes, I DID have a birthday this week.  Why do you ask?

On September 28th Barbara Bush and Tom Cassie celebrated the 55th anniversary OF THEIR FIRST DATE.  Says Barbara, "Thank you Tom for asking me out on our first date. We had a great time at the SDSU football game and pizza afterwards at Pernicanos.  My new shoes hurt, so I took them off, unbeknownst to you. When it was time to go, I couldn’t find them. That was the first red flag, but I’m so glad you ignored it and the all the others that followed."

Philip Hill shares a photo of Mission Valley Center's courtyard, looking east to May Company, that he took in July 1966.  "When the Center originally opened," he recalls, "I worked my first job at Thrifty Drug Store's Ice Cream counter on the West side of the mall next to Montgomery Ward's. I'm thinking that might have been during the summer after my '61 Crawford graduation."

Did you ever have the Chateubriand for Two at Kelly's Steak House in Mission Valley?  Me neither, but I must have seen the sign a thousand times driving on the freeway.  I swear it was $3.95 the first time I saw it, but I'm sure I was wrong.  What does this have to do with anything?  Much of the Town and Country Hotel, including the old steakhouse, will be dozed in the not-too-distant future and the above image is a rendering of what it will look like.   I no longer recognize much of downtown, and Mission Valley is soon to follow.  Click HERE if you'd like to read the article in the U-T.

Click HERE if you'd like to read the 6-page Golden Anniversary edition of the Crawford Pacer, issued on October 3, 1968.

Earlier this week I mentioned the services being held for Marty Fischbein today at the East Lake Shores Beach Club at 11 AM in Chula Vista.  Alan Jay Weissman recalls his classmate and friend.

Marty and I grew up in the same neighborhood near SDSU, where we both attended Hardy Elementary School, Horace Mann Junior High, and Crawford High School together.  Marty was a great friend, and I have many wonderful memories of our time together.  As children, we formed our own Beatles tribute band, where I was Paul, David Drexler John, Ron Lieberman George, and Marty was Ringo. The first all Jewish Tribute Band, I would joke later.  We all feigned playing the instruments, replacing the guitars with badminton racquets, and Marty feverishly beating on a bread basket with two pencils as drum sticks.  As kids, Marty and I did a lot of fun stuff together.  Whether it was playing football in the street, or crawling through the sewer across the freeway to Adobe Falls to catch pollywogs, Marty was always there.  Marty was kinda famous too when we were kids, as his uncle was Mr. Dependable.  Some of you may remember him, as he owned an appliance store and had a well known commercial on TV, where he would say, ''Hi, my name is Mr. Dependable, and if you can find it for less, I'll refund the difference.''  Marty never liked that commercial much, but all of his friends sure did.  Marty was always an adventurous child, as well as a teenager.  We spent a lot of time at the Jewish Community Center, where we would get into trouble from time to time.  One time in particular, we told our parents that we were at the JCC, when we were actually at 'The Western White House'' in San Clemente, holding picket signs, and DEMANDING that President Nixon help in our efforts to have restrictions eased, so Russian Jews could emigrate to Israel or The United States.  My father asked me the next day, ''Did you and Marty have a good time last night at the JCC?''  “Yeah sure dad, why?'', I replied.   With a look to kill he showed me the photograph of Marty and I in the San Diego Union, screaming and yelling so loud that Ron Nessen (Nixon’s Press Secretary) had to come over to us and say, ''The President will look into it''.  We were so proud of ourselves, and -- as angry as our parents were at us for lying about where we were that night -- they were very proud of us too.  We also went to our very first X-rated movie together in downtown San Diego, as we saw ''The Last Tango in Paris''.  I remember Marty being disappointed in it, and saying to me ''Really, is that it? That movie should have been rated R'', and we laughed and laughed.  Over the years Marty and I had lost touch a bit, but he has never been far from my heart, or my mind.  I have told many stories about our time together as friends in those years, and the stories will continue to be told, as I truly loved Marty Fischbein. Rest in Peace my brother, Rest in Peace -- Alan Jay Weissman ’74

Friday, September 28, 2018

September 28, 2018

Here's some more biblical humor from Paula Kincaid.

Well, THAT was a quick 60 years!!  Click HERE to look at the entire program from the Hoover-Crawford football game of September 27, 1958.

Mrs. Truette Benge, the mother of Tom Benge, passed away this summer a little shy of her 94th birthday. She must have been the best Mom ever.  Tom shares this clipping from the March 15, 1964 San Diego Union, showing the unicycle-riding Benge clan, with Lois and her boys Ken '65, Phil '68, and Tom '70.

Friday, September 21, 2018

September 21, 2018

Summer will change to Fall tomorrow at 6:54 PM, about the time some of you will be cleaning up your tailgate parties at SDCCU to watch the Aztecs play Eastern Michigan.  I'll be in the Barcalounger ready to watch the Padres

Not ANOTHER Jewish Holy Day!!  This is exhausting.  Apparently Yom Kippur begins Tuesday evening.  Bari Weiss says "It's a 25-hour caffeine headache capped off by a lox-and-bagels binge."  Obviously there's a lot more going on.  Click HERE to read her opinion piece in the New York Times.

Paula Kincaid has sent me some cartoons of a religious bent.  I didn't get into trouble last week venturing into politics, so I might as well take it up a notch.  The cartoon above apparently is what would happen today if Jesus tried converting loaves to fishes.

This whole #MeToo movement has got me  a little nervous.  I did a spit-take with my morning coffee when I saw the above headline in Wednesday's U-T.  To paraphrase Woody Allen in Play It Again Sam, "I was nowhere NEAR the zoo".

It's time to resume posting the Golden Anniversary Pacers, this time for the Class of '69.  Click HERE to read the September 19, 1968 4-page issue.   

Marc Pomeranz '74 passed away May 12, 2018.  I learned this after the post office returned his alumni newsletter with a "no forwarding address" stamp, and I did a little on-line research.  I think Marc was living in what I assume was the old family residence on Redding St.

Carolyn Schneider Reyes ’78 died on August 17, 2018.  She loved crafting, baking, doing puzzles, bowling, traveling, including trips with her parents in their Airstream trailer, and bringing laughter and joy to others. Carolyn married Ken B. Reyes on March 10, 1984 in San Diego and had one daughter, Kara Lynne in April of 1990.  She is survived by, among others, her parents , husband Ken and sister Linda Schneider Crawford ’75.