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Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 22, 2013

NANCY AND I GOT STOOD UP two weeks ago when we traveled north to San Marcos to meet with the folks where autistic daughter Lisa works.  We still got to eat at Fish House Vera Cruz however.  We’re headed north again today, but this time I’m holding out for George’s Burgers.

Checking in from Brookings, Oregon is Bill Fares ‘62.  Mary Margaret “Molly” Lee Richmond ‘66 says hello from Reno, Nevada.  They are both on their respective email pages.  

Susan Kirk ‘68 hopes you will think good thoughts for her brother Ray Kirk, also Class of ‘68, who is undergoing esophageal cancer surgery perhaps as we speak. 

Phillis Dudick is still hoping to find Florine Weiner, her best pal from Class of '60.  The quest has baffled Mary Gale "Sherlock" Rogers.  Can you help?

Debbie Nichols Poulos '63 lives in Davis, California.  She would like to hear from old friends.

It’s not a joke.  The high school football playoffs are underway and Division V Crawford will be part of it.  The undefeated Colts meet the Palo Verde Valley Yellowjackets tonight at 7 PM at San Diego High.  I believe Palo Verde Valley is near Blythe.

Yesterday’s U-T had a nice look back at President Kennedy’s visit to San Diego on June 6, 1963.  It also had a slide show of photos I hadn’t seen before, including the one above featuring students from Blessed Sacrament.  Click HERE to read the article.  Click HERE to look at the slide show.   In the meantime you might want to revisit the links to JFK’s visit to San Diego on June 6, 1963.

I guess it should come as no surprise that Elvis Presley is the new kid on the block on the KCBQ Top 20 Hit Paraders survey for November 24, 1956.  Click HERE for a copy large enough to read.

Carlynne Harvey Allbee graduated from Grossmont in 1965, but still has fond memories of Montezuma Elementary.  She’s started a Montezuma page on Facebook and I’ve refreshed the Montezuma link on the School Days Page.   Oh, this is 6th Grade Graduation in 1956, contributed by Frank Welch, who also ended up at a high school not named Crawford.

Folks working on the Class of ‘63 Reunion Memory Book asked if I knew anything about the passing of Yvette Muriel Vires.  I turned immediately to Mary Gale Rogers, whose research turned up only the fact that Muriel died on May 13, 1990 in Washington County, Oregon.  I’ve posted her photo on the Class of ‘63 Obituary Page.

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