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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August 10, 2018

I'm not sure I even get this Bizarro cartoon, but I love all references to Etch-A-Sketch

I was sitting in the car at the Midway Post Office and noticed flags waving in a reflection off the front door.  When Nancy came out I mentioned it and she peered into the distance.  "Maybe it's a recruiting station," she said.  Close enough.  Turned out to be Deja Vu Showgirls "Gentlemen's Club".  

The Los Angeles Times this week featured an article on unusual school mascots.  I've always loved the Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, whose motto is No Known Predators.  I came close to a spit-take when I read that the Compton High School mascot is the Tar-Babe.  Yikes.  My mind went back to Uncle Remus and the Tar Baby.   Long ago the school mascot was a Lion, and was changed to Tartars, then Baby Tartars, then Tar-Babes.  Click HERE to read the article. (I did the Compton research on my own)

Was it only last week that I was chiding Canterbury Gardens for putting their Halloween inventory out?  Yesterday they -- oh, wait -- it's a "Making Room for Christmas Sale."   Never mind.

The Crown City ferry boat ride brought back memories for a lot of folks.  Carole Smithson and Bob Richardson took the ferry to the 1961 Senior Prom.  They chose to take the Silver Strand on the way home.  The above photo was taken by Bob's father at the Richardson home.  The couple married in 1964.  Sadly, Carole passed away in 2001.   Judy Schwartz Sheinbein '69 shares the photo below of  little brother Larry, father Jerry and herself.

Tom Cassie noticed in the distance, on one of the new Esquire Motors photos, two names.  Says Tom, "One is Dean Flesner, whose son Dave graduated from Crawford in ‘60.  Dave played three sports at Crawford and was a 3-year letterman in baseball at SDSU.   John Lovett had a son who I played Pony League with me at Sunset Pony League.  I believe he went on to graduate from Hoover."

Here's the KDEO "Fabulous 40" from August 9, 1963 -- 55 years ago.  Click HERE for a version you may be able to read.

Diane Strum '66 sends word of the passing of her friend and classmate Laural Johnson Grabowsky.  Laural (I know it says Laurel in the yearbook) died on May 26 of ALS.  Her husband Kip was at her side.  You can read more on the Class of 1966 Obituary Page.