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Friday, February 9, 2018

February 9, 2014

Remember when you told folks you lived in East San Diego?  Turns out there actually WAS a City of East San Diego, long before you went to Crawford, and Gary Mitrovich has written a small book about it.  Email him at if you'd like to purchase a copy. 

Larry Greenwood '64 checks in from San Antonio, Texas.  His email is

This image of a Campus Chuck Wagon cigarette lighter showed up on Facebook this week.  Red Meat and Cigarettes.  What could go wrong?

Here's a sports story from the February 10, 1968 San Diego Union I thought I'd share.

Hartwell Ragsdale ’70 passed away January 25th.  He was a phenomenal drummer and member of the groups Power and Rising Sun.  He was the heart and soul of Hollis Gentry and Nathan East.  His father was founder of Ragsdale Mortuary, one of the largest funeral parlors in San Diego.  I am so sorry for this loss as he officiated over the funerals of my grandmother, mother and sister.  This is a great loss as Hartwell was one of the most gregarious members of the Crawford alumni community.  When you were with him you always believed that you were the most important person in the world -- Bruce Hanley  Click HERE to read the obituary from yesterday's UT.