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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ted Hazlewood's Cub Scout Pack

From Ted Hazlewood '63 comes a photo of his Cub Scout pack on the deck of Navy ship in San Diego Harbor in the 1950s.  Looks like about 50 kids, maybe ten of whom have been able to sit still long enough to smile for the photographer.  Maybe you're one of them.  Click HERE to find out.

1970 Homecoming Issue of the Pacer

Click HERE to read the 6-page Homecoming Issue of the Pacer, dated September 23, 1970, courtesy of Velinda Clanton Peterson '72

Bobby Ocean Returns

Sometimes you just get side tracked.  I know what THAT'S like.  Any way, Rob Shepherd '66 is responding to a Fry Day missive, sent out somewhere in misty past, in which we featured KGB DJ Bobby Ocean and the Boss 30 listing for September 23, 1970.  Rob sends along a photo taken of him, Bobby Ocean and Shotgun Tom Kelly taken in 2010.  Click HERE to see it enlarged.