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Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 3, 2015

I got a kick out of this Bizarro cartoon from last Friday.

Greg May has added this photo to the Sports Arena Album on his Vintage San Diego Facebook page. I like it because you can spot the old Midway Drive-In at the left and, if you really blow it up, you can see that hamburgers are 22¢ at the Jack-in-the-Box just out of the picture (and still in business) to the left.


Members of the Class of '61 and '64 who subscribe to the quarterly newsletter should get renewal notices this week.   I really appreciate your support.  I no longer send subscriptions to all class members so, if you're interested in subscribing, click HERE for information.

Monica Pacheco Zech '72 got some ink in Diane Bell's Column yesterday with her snippet about ducklings being rescued in El Cajon.

Maurice Barringer is somewhere in Asia, but reads the Union-Tribune on line and spotted the obituary for his classmate Bob Fortin, who died June 13th.  Click HERE to go to the Class of '64 Obituary Page.  You can read what Maurice had to say -- and sign the on line guest book.

Counselor Lois DeLay passed away October 3, 2014, according to Joanne Dewey Urban '72.   "We shared the same birthday (different years), so I had the pleasure of celebrating many times with her."