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Friday, August 23, 2019

August 23, 2019

Once upon a time there were 10 Pernicano brothers and they each owned a pizza parlor.  Crawford students may recall the one on 55th and El Cajon.  Three of the pizza restaurants remain, but the one in Pacific Beach -- the last to be run by an original brother -- will close on September 15th.  I've been a regular customer for 40 years and was in the house on Friday last when Channel 10 stuck a microphone in my face.  Click HERE if you want to see what Channel 10 shared with its viewers.

The first color photos I've seen of Westgate Park appeared yesterday on Facebook, thanks to the mysterious Pea Hicks.  It included several shots of an Easter Service.  In one of the shots, through the trees, you can spot the Super Chief diner on Friar's Road (it was a Santa Fe train replica like the Haynes Streamliner on El Cajon Blvd).  You may need to have Facebook to access these views.  Cross your fingers and click HERE.

The Rolando Park contingent posed for a photo at last weekend's Crawford Class of '69 50th Anniversary Reunion.  From left to right: Steve Fontana, Bonnie Werth, Alan Burrows, Dave Wion, Laurie Peters, Joan Thatcher, Kelly Collier, Gene Krieser, Dick Park, Anne Bracket and Tim Levas

Ed Schoenberg '70 has sent along a care package, which includes what I assume is the 1966 Graduation Issue of the Horace Mann Cougar Times.   Click HERE to peruse all six pages.