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Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19, 2013

Sure is summer weather, but I can tell the days are getting shorter.  I have to turn on the light in the kitchen when I make my morning coffee now.  

Guess what?  Mom got her first ever notice for jury duty — one month to the day after she died.  I’m not sure whether to ignore it or try to figure out how to send it back.

Nancy and I were at a party in Harbison Canyon last weekend.  I hadn’t been out that way since Big Oak Ranch — and the Swallows Club.

Invitations to the Class of ‘63 50th Anniversary Reunion went out last week.  Joanie Adams Sturgeon woke me up in the middle of the night.   Actually, it turned out to be 8 PM and I may have been asleep in the Barcalounger.  I think she was returning my call about a possible new address.  At least I got her email address.  Something about having webbed feet and being unable to Hang Ten —

Nancy and I were invited to the Class of '68 45th Anniversary Reunion the weekend of October 12th. Sadly we're planning to be at the Bahia Hotel that night for the Class of '63 Reunion.

Robert "Hutch" Hutchinson '64 is a new subscriber to the quarterly newsletter.

John O'Bryant '63 lamented the fact that last week's photo of Crystal Pier didn't show Maynard's Bar.  I allowed as how Maynard's was visible, but not yet Maynard's.  Click HERE if you'd like to revisit the photo I shared some time ago -- and fondly recall Sunday Morning Spanish Omelets with Red Beer.

I found three more photos that must have been taken at the same time as the 1960 Crystal Pier (or Food Basket if you prefer) photo.  Click HERE to take another look.

Class of '64 members Julia Burnham Little and Kim Beavers Shannon have shared memories of Palisades Gardens skating rink.

Jerry Ellis '61 happened upon the Carver Kindergarten photo submitted by Roberta Goss Marino '70.  Roberta's teacher Mrs. Ellis was Jerry's Mom Arline.

Judy “Judee” Butzine Blohm ’60 died July 10, 2013. She was recovering at her home in Arlington, Virginia after a recent surgery, and was with her dogs and her garden, where she wanted to be. She was found by a neighbor. Judee was a warm and loving person, and a wonderful friend to many. She shared her home, her garden, her love of life, her commitment to making the world a better place with the people around her, and was an inspiration and a comfort to those who knew her. Her brother Stephen Butzine ’65 preceded her in death in 1997.  Click HERE to go to the Celebration of an Incredible Life Facebook page.

Phillis Dudick and Kathy Tonsky Clyman send word of the passing on July 12, 2013 of their classmate Myra Segal '60.  There were no additional details but you can click HERE and sign the guest book.

Carol Billings Taylor '63 died of breast/bone cancer on July 1, 2013 according to her sister Linda Billings Anderson '66.  Click HERE to email Linda.  Click HERE to sign the guest book.