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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 26, 2014

The Grand Opening of the Emerald Gallery C in Coronado on October 3rd will feature the art work of Elaine Robinson Davis ’61.  She hopes you can attend the opening, because she won’t be able to.  She and Charles had previously booked a trip to Croatia, so there you go.  The address of the gallery is 1331 Orange Avenue and the party goes from 5 to 9 PM.  Take pictures (if it’s allowed)

Where were you 56 years ago tonight?  OK – tomorrow night!!  Horace Mann 9th grader Lynn Routt was at Hoover Stadium rooting for the Colts.  Actually I’m just assuming all of this.  Lynn was the one who loaned me the program from the game.  Click HERE to check out all four pages.

John McGuigan was in town for the ’64 Reunion and took his wife to Sushi Time on Federal Boulevard near College Avenue.  He got to thinking about a house and a grave site that once stood on a knoll near the intersection.  “There was always a large American flag flying there,” he recalled.  John asked if I knew anymore.  Oui -- but of course.  When I was a toddler in Spring Valley, we often drove by that site well before Highway 94 caused it to be relocated.  Polish Princess Filomena Wojciechowski Sledzinski was buried there.  Click HERE for "The Rest Of The Story".

Curses!!  I should have run this LAST week!!  It would have been 50 years to the day.  It’s the KDEO Top 40 for September 19, 1964.  Click HERE to see an enlarged version.

Ed Schoenberg sent me some Pacers a while back, three of which were not already posted.  I’ll share the October 17, 1969 issue today.  Click HERE to read all four pages.

Buddy Sharp ‘60 died September 5th at his home in Hermiston, Oregon.  He was a retired aircraft mechanic for PSA and, later, USAir.

Barbara Earley Powell ‘64 sends the sad news that her classmate Sharon Angus Piscopo, wife of Phil Piscopo ‘63, passed away May 22, 2014.  We believe more details will follow.

I have just learned of the passing, on October 10, 2010, of Joanne Lindsey Crispell ‘67.  At the time of her death she was survived by her mother Lenora and brother Bill ‘59.

FIRST THURSDAY AT THE AMIGO SPOT WILL BE OCTOBER THE TOOTH.  It says 6 PM, but the regulars are halfway through dinner by 5:30.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 19, 2014

IT’S DARK AND — FINALLY — COOLING OFF in Pacific Beach.  Remember last week how I thought we’d stay near the ocean.  I decided it would be cooler to drive to Pine Valley and have breakfast at Major’s Coffee Shop.  We were air conditioned for a couple of hours at least.  I imagine we’ll hit the Waffle Spot tomorrow, now that the Summer visitors have gone.

Last week’s photo of San Diego State brought back a special memory for Bob Richardson ‘61.  You can read it HERE.

Peggy Workman Welch’s query about Dennstedt Village brought an outpouring of memories and some squiggly Google photos from Richard Cone.  Click HERE to check them out.

Doug Kvandal ‘66 says the sketch artist did a great job capturing my likeness — except for the fact that I appear to be smiling.

Jerry Fogel ‘64 would like folks to know that he has a rock band — Takillya -- that does covers of Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Santana.  “You get the picture,” says Jerry.  The photo above shows the band performing at the Chico Club, 7366 El Cajon Blvd.  Jerry says they love to play and don’t charge much.   Click HERE to email him or call him at 619-669-1935 or 619-977-1935  Don’t call him this weekend — he’s at the Class of ‘64 Reunion.

What are YOU doing the rest of the weekend?  Don Anderson ‘64 will be racing his Bobsy-Porsche in Group 7 at the Coronado Speed Festival.  When he’s not on the track he’ll be receiving guests at Paddock Space F-1.  If you miss him there you can catch up with him at the Class of ‘64 Reunion Saturday night.  I’m getting tired just writing about it. Maybe I’ll take a nap.  Click HERE if you want more information on the Coronado Speed Festival.

Hold on to your hats!!  If you graduated in 1965 you’re going to be reminded on a regular basis that it was 50 YEARS AGO!!  The initial Golden Anniversary Pacer dates from September 17, 1964.  Bob Boone and Maria Long were the initial Senior Sketches.  Click HERE to read more!!

Glynn Curry ‘71 passed away September 5th.  He is survived by siblings Phyllis Curry Mann ‘65 and Dennis Curry ‘69.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 12, 2014

T’S DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH but still cool.  That ain't gonna last.  I guess it will make sense to stay near the beach today, maybe even venture into an air-conditioned supermarket.

Turns out there was a phantom artist in the crowd at last week’s First Thursday gathering at the Amigo Spot.  He thrust this in front of me, then retreated to one of the booths.  Turns out I look a lot more like Woody Allen -- or possibly Walter Brennan -- than Brad Pitt.  Every one in my party insisted it was a great likeness, so I paid the man.

This is what San Diego State looked like when I enrolled in the Fall of 1962.  Well, sort of. You COULD drive north on College Avenue through the campus and park, if you got lucky. Adare McAllister took this photo in March of 1952, possibly on the same roll of Kodachrome he used to take last week’s photo of Mission Valley.  I’m thinking these are the dates stamped on the box when he got the developed slides back.  Click HERE if you’d like to see this photo greatly enlarged.

Dudley Mills ‘59 returned to Colina del Sol Park a couple of years ago to replicate the photo taken of him long ago with his 1940 Ford.  Here’s a chance to revisit the Cars We Drove to School Page.  

Peggy Workman Welch writes: "My father managed Lou's Liquor house at 54th and Redwood in the ‘50s until the late ‘60s. Do you have any pictures of the area from back then? There was a gas station, owned by Frank Monetta, a small grocery store, cafe, maybe a bar and more in that little shopping area. I think it was called Dennstedt Village." 

Kris Pruski Wood mailed me a copy of the June 12, 1967 Graduation Issue of the Cougar Times loaned to her by Bill Manning.  Click HERE to read all 10 pages.

David Cymberg ‘73 is a new subscriber to the quarterly newsletter.  Thanks, David.

Remember the guy who spun the plates on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Sometimes I feel like that guy.  Last week I posted two photos of recently departed Colts, hoping I would get additional information to share.  Scott Shewmaker ‘74 sent a recent photo and additional information on his sister LuEllen Shewmaker Blum which I posted on the 1972 Obituary Page.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 5th

IT’S STILL DARK IN PACIFIC BEACH.  I’m almost certain Nancy and I will breakfast at the Waffle Spot then run some errands in Mission Valley and some errands in Pacific Beach.  I’m sure we’ll be ready to take the day off by noon.

Gail Kade Cleaver Grundman checks in from Dallas, Texas and is now on the Class of ‘59 Email Page.  She’s also planning to attend the Class Reunion on October 7th.

The September issue of the quarterly 12-page newsletter went in the mail on Tuesday.  If you’re a paid subscriber you should have your copy in hand as we speak.  Speaking of which, Larry Jaffe ‘60 is a new subscriber.  Thanks, Larry.

When I was asked to write the chapter on Crystal Pier I had no idea that Piers of the California Coast would turn out to be such a gorgeous book.  The author hired a helicopter to take the photos he used.  Click HERE to look at the photos -- and find out where to purchase the book.

It may have been twenty years ago that Adare McAllister, then a teacher at Mission Bay High Schools, showed slides at the Pacific Beach Historical Society that he had taken in the ‘50s and ‘60s.  Most, but not all, were taken in Pacific Beach.  I pestered Adare to loan me the slides, to no avail.  After his passing in 2012 I pestered his wife Gerry.  She finally relented last week — and wants them back now.  I was able to scan the ones I wanted and will share them with you.  Click HERE you’d like to see a 9 x 12 copy of this 1952 shot of Mission Valley.

Kim McGhee shares this photo from the Class of ‘74 40th reunion.  Click HERE to watch a Picasa slide show of the event.

LuEllen Shewmaker ‘72 passed away August 27, 2014.  “John, her husband of over 22 years, was with her, along with her brother, Scott '74, and John's brother Jim, a retired pastor, who was such a comfort to them, and for which we are all very grateful.  Our family, Colorado, and the world are greatly diminished; and I've lost the very best of little sisters” -- Terry Shewmaker '68

Margie Eaton ‘73 died Saturday, August 30, 2014.  “She was a good lady” -- Dave Engle