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Friday, August 9, 2019

August 9, 2019

Nancy recently dined at a newly-opened pizza restaurant in Escondido.  It's called Shakey's.  It occupies a space in Civic Center Plaza where the Sizzler Steak House stood until recently.  I'm starting to think Escondido might exist in a Parallel Universe. 

I think I've got this figured out.  A car show on November 3rd at Pal Joey's in Allied Gardens, will be part of the Class of 1959's big 60th Anniversary Reunion Weekend.  You do not have to be a Crawford Original to enter your car.  The cost is $25 (they really should charge a lot more) and the money goes to the Crawford Foundation.  Let me know if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with the right people.

Nancy and I cruised her old neighborhood (West Overlook) last Monday and drove down Trojan to see how the Horace Mann addition was coming along.  Looks like it might be nearly done.  We forgot to double back and see how the Crawford was doing.

Whew -- that was close!  Remember how I scanned the "Witches" program a couple of weeks back and got ready to post it on the web only to realize it was already there.  Turns out both of these had been sent to me before by Ed Schoenberg '70 -- and "Rebel Without A Cause" is also already posted.  Click HERE to check it out.  Turns out the actor who played the "retarded high school boy" was the one who went on to fame and fortune -- Stephen Bishop.

I took a leisurely drive northbound on Euclid, courtesy of the San Diego City Digital Archives, and went right by the Rancho Drive-In.  Charles Bronson and Telly Savalas are starring in The Family, which came out in 1970, so I guess we know what year this is.  Click HERE to make the trip yourself.

You may need to type "Euclid" into the Search Bar

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Sadly, I’m letting you know that one of my very best friends, Craig Ulak ’63, passed away on July 28th, 2019.  During my Senior Year at Crawford I got to know Craig via my friendship with Bruce Griffith.   I have known Bruce since the 6th grade at Euclid Elementary.  Craig, Bruce and I have been best friends since then.  Craig grew up on 49th Street just a few houses down from his then best buddy, Ken Burns, who was in my graduating class.  Lynn Elliott also lived nearby. Craig had a younger sister, Joanne.  Craig and I shared an apartment after I graduated from SDSU.  Craig’s mother, Dorothy, introduced me to my future wife Margie, in 1968.  Craig moved to Las Vegas, worked in the casinos as a pit boss, and got his degree from UNLV.  One of Craig’s co-workers introduced him to his cousin, Carol, who was visiting from New Jersey.  After a long-distance courtship, they married, and moved to New Jersey.  One winter was enough for Craig, and they came back to San Diego.  They bought a house on Estrella Avenue, just one street over, and a couple blocks down from his childhood home on 49th Street.  Craig and Carol had three boys, Ryan, Evan, and Jason.  In 1991, they purchased a home in Encinitas, and have maintained that same residence.  Ryan now resides in Denver, and Evan and Jason live in the San Diego area.  A few years ago, Craig was diagnosed with heart and breathing issues, and he was on medications. About a week before Craig’s death, he was hospitalized for a series of tests related to his breathing and heart issues. Shortly before his death Craig’s condition weakened significantly.  Because Craig’s grandmother lived into her 90s, his dad into his 80s, Bruce and I always thought he would outlive the both of us -- but, you never know!  Craig will be sorely missed by his many, many friends. He was a wonderful husband, dad, and a very good friend -- Larry Guske ’62

Lance Onnen '64 passed away July 30, 2019 according to his sister Diane Onnen Parent '68.  "He was looking forward to seeing all of his classmates at the 55th Reunion," she noted.