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Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22, 2016

LOOKS LIKE another hot and muggy day in San Diego.  Perhaps Nancy and I will stick close to the beach.  We'll breakfast at the first place that has parking.  (We're writing off the Waffle Spot for the rest of the summer -- always a 30 minute wait)

Ted Hazlewood '63 shares an article from the June 19, 1956 showing him and some buddies overseeing construction of the Oak Park Little League Field.  Click HERE to see an enlargement.

This 1966 view of Highway 80 and Grossmont Center appeared this week on Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook.   Click HERE if you'd like to see it enlarged, along with some other Highway 80 shots.

Barbara Weissenberg Insel '62 forwards a recollection of Rona Goldfarb written by one of Rona's friends.  I've posted it to the Class of '62 Obituary Page.

I've posted memories of Bob Jordahl on the Class of '65 Obituary Page.