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Friday, July 6, 2012


July 6, 2012

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It's still overcase at the beach, but I'm betting the weather will be much nicer than the cool mists of July 4th.  Maybe I'll even get a parking spot at the Green Flash for breakfast.

How was YOUR 4th of July?  As usual, Pacific Beach is Ground Zero for Independence Day Fireworks.  I stayed in and read, which is a good thing because I couldn't have left if I wanted.  Cars in the alley were blocking my garage.  When it was time for bed I felt like I was bunking down in the bus station, the crowds outside my window were so close.  It was worth it, though, to hear a large group attempt to sing our national anthem.  I KNEW they weren't going to be able to hit that high note.

I heard on KPBS radio that a new public bathroom -- or comfort station -- has been opened in Ocean Beach.  Like the Sistine Chapel, the ceiling has been adorned with a painting.  Great!!  Now I'll NEVER hit the urinal.

Who is Mike King?  Every week I get a bunch of bounced Fry Day emails.  If the same address bounces two weeks in a row I delete it from my address book. bounces every week.  The problem is, I don't have this email address -- or a Mike King -- in my address book.  Maybe it's a Michelle King -- or your secret email address.

Thank you Brent Heramb, Robert and Sue Roskos Mardon and Alan Osborn -- all Class of '64 -- for subscribing to the quarterly newsletter.  You're keeping me solvent.  Well, almost.

Doug Kvandal '66 and his new organ will be back tomorrow (Saturday) night with Live Jazz at the Amigo Spot.  I'm not talking about his Hammond organ either.  On Easter Sunday, after a very short stay in the hospital, Doug rose from the almost dead with a new heart.  Come by and say hi.  They start at 7 -- and vocalist Lisa Hightower is well worth the visit.

George Sorensen '69 sends proof that San Diego's Best Burritos are in Salem, Oregon as well as Spokane, Washington.  Aiberto's has outlets in San Diego County so I guess you're free to take the taste test.

Here's some folks gathered to celebrate Wayne Zucker's 60th birthday on June 28th. From left, Jeff Lee '66, Debbie Mitton '70, Annette Godels Conway Marxen '71, Butch Hiller '71, Gary Gallerstein '70, Bernie Feldman '70, Wayne Zucker '70, Rob Seidman '70, Scott Silverman '72, Karen Simpson Seidman '69, Steve Hoke '70 with his son McKinley, and Robbi Mintz Campbell '71.  Click HERE to see an 8 x 10 version.

Bob Mardon '64 shares a couple of his Little League photos:  the Pirates (above) and Universal Electric (below).  Click HERE to go to the web site and see larger versions.  Get back to me if you can supply names.


Duane Becht '63 passed away Sunday morning, July 1st, in the arms of his girlfriend Janey Peters and brother Ken nearby.