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Friday, March 24, 2017

March 24, 2017

The drinks are on me!!  Got my State Income Tax refund from California State Controller Betty Yee.  Hold on -- does that say $3.00? 

Gary Juleen '64 waxes rhapsodic about the late Richard Brosio, locker checks and getting busted for leaving campus -- and he shares a 1969 Free Press article about a Colt found with shocking contraband in her locker.  Click HERE for all the dirt.

Kathy Keeyes Antus '68 was in town last weekend to marry off her son, so she threw a party for her brother Joe as well.  Click HERE to see photos from a Class of '63 luncheon.

Here's the KCBQ Top 30 for March 22, 1976.  I recognize only a few.  By 1976 I had been teaching at Hale Junior High for seven years and -- ironically -- was out of touch of the musical preferences of teenagers.

The above and below photos popped up on Facebook last week aligned with the address 2675 Balboa Vista Dr, which should be in the Crawford attendance area.  The photo above had a May 1960 date on it.  Anybody recognize these folks?

John Burton '63 died on March 16th.  "My brother passed away of a massive coronary while doing what he loved best, putting his boat in the water to go fishing on Lake Norfolk in Mountain Home, Arkansas", said Dan Burton ’66