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Friday, June 28, 2019

June 28, 2019

Yippee!!!  I got Naked Ladies in my front yard.  Apparently they also are known as Amaryllis.

Ernie Cowan '62 has at least two email addresses.  He uses for his Outdoors Column in the San Diego Union-Tribune.  My favorite is the one he uses for his Bird Watching Column --

Here's one last look -- I think -- at the San Diego International Airport, circa 1960.  I still don't know who Pea Hicks is, but he frequently gets credited for gorgeous color shots on the Vintage San Diego Facebook page.  The three below popped up this week.

Not San Diego International Airport, but San Diego Municipal Airport, on Pacific Highway circa 1952.

The University of California Extension at 1345 6th Avenue.  I see a 1957 Chevy.  I'm not sure of the make or year of the brown car, but it's got the old black letters on yellow background license plate.  I assume the El Cortez, peeking over the building at the left, was still the tallest building in San Diego at this time.  A close eye can spot the curb feelers on the Chevy, which aren't doing much good on the left side of a one-way street.  I never knew 6th Avenue to be one-way.

Remember when mailboxes were brown -- or olive drab, I guess.  This photo was supposedly taken in front of the downtown post office at 815 E Street, but it doesn't look right to me.  The shot was taken in the 1940s, so the Model A in the background probably wasn't yet a collector's item.