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Friday, April 12, 2013

Now I'll NEVER get a chance to take Annette Funicello to the malt shop.  An important part of our '50s culture passed away this week.  The New York Times has an extensive obituary.

My Pacific Beach pal, and good kind of hoarder, Willie Skinner stopped by with another undated Auto Club map, I guess to authenticate my supposition.  Linda Vista Junction, where World War One soldiers got off the train to be transported to Camp Kearny, was no where near today's Linda Vista.  It appears to me to be the same location as what we called La Jolla Junction in the 1950s.  Click HERE to take a closer look.

Remember when the teacher delivered a freshly-dittoed, aromatic quiz to your desk.  If you were the teacher, you could linger just a moment in the teachers' work room and get an extra whiff of the ditto fluid.  Sadly, the process left much to be desired in the archival storage field.  I mention this because the inside pages of the 1962 Christmas Carousel program shared by Ann Roskos Roffelsen '63 are, in some cases, faded and hard to read.  Still fun to try, though.  

Cheryl Creel, according to the April 7, 1972 Pacer, was the top typist in San Diego County with a speed of 71 Words Per Minute.  I think I typed 44 Words Per Minute in Mrs. Alexander's class, but I may be confusing that with my SAT Math Score.

Janet Ekrem Wold '61 passed away March 22nd.  You can read more on the Class of '61 Obituary Page

Evie Fix Peters '66 was born at Balboa Hospital and died there on February 28th.  Go to the Class of '66 Obituary Page for a remembrance by her cousin Cyndi Racz Clarke ’66.  While you're there you can read what little we know about the passing of Bruce Tokars (below)