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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scott Shaw '68

Last week's Fry Day shot of Don's Hamburgers reminded Scott Shaw that, as a 7th Grader, he sold his first artwork to Don's.  The picture of Homer Simpson reminded him of his latest work -- Bart Simpson Comics #61.  Click HERE to see a couple of pages.

Melissa Moss '72

I don't know the details, but it would appear that Melissa Moss '72 headed to the Other Coast and met with considerable success, the most recent of which was appointment by President Obama to an arts commission.  Classmate Ron Bennett remembers Melissa from Montezuma Elementary, Horace Mann and Crawford.  He shares links to four different articles on Melissa.  I will try to put them in reverse chronological order.   The White House/President Barack Obama (September 8, 2011)  
New York Social Diary (October 30, 2008)  
PR Newswire September 27, 1999   
Fast Company November 30, 1998