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Friday, April 28, 2017

April 28, 2017

Once again the New York Times illustrators have hit a Home Run.  This photo accompanies an article on "America's New 'Anxiety' Disorder".  Are you getting anxious waiting for the glass to fall?

Ernie Cowan wrote a piece in the April 15th U-T entitled "Coyotes Are Actually Quite Wily".  All of my on-line research could not come up with a link that would let you also enjoy the article.  I DID learn, however, that the Dennis E. Cowan Elementary School mascot is the Coyote.

Click HERE to read the 4-page Golden Anniversary Pacer from April 21, 1967

Boy, there sure were a lot of color pages in the Class of 1967's Centaur.  I might start adding them to the Crawford web site.  Click HERE to check out the Senior Standouts.

Surprise!!  City workers uncovered streetcar tracks during their renovation of the Georgia Street Bridge this week.  Click HERE to read the article.

If you're old you can remember Walker Scott Department Stores.  If you're really old you can remember Walker's Department Stores.  You can read a little about them at the on-line Department Store Museum   Who knew there was such a thing?

Bob Snyder '59 died April 18th.  You can read an obituary in the Union-Tribune

My Crawford lunch buddy Wayne Brickey passed away in Orem, Utah on April 30th.  He had a great sense of humor, as you can see by the way he signed my annual.  His brother Jim shared a little about him, which I've posted on the Class of '62 Obituary Page.

Friday, April 21, 2017

April 21, 2017

John McGuigan '64 is pretty sure if you're reading this you qualify for the National Park Service Lifetime Senior Pass.   He just shelled out $10 for his and wants you to know it's going up to $80 later this year.   Click HERE for more information.  I'm reminded of the incident at Dixieline Lumber many years ago.  A kindly clerk told his customer that she probably qualified for the Senior Discount. When the dust settled Dixieline employees were told, in the future, to give out the Senior Discount only if requested.

Ernie Cowan '62 made the news, sadly, in a Union-Tribune article about the suicide of popular Anza-Borrego Ranger Steve Bier.  Ernie, it turns out is President of the Anza-Borrego Foundation.  

Bill Center '63 got a shout-out from Padres' Announcer Mark Grant on get-away day in Atlanta last week.  Grant noted that the baseball writer now has a Twitter Handle @PadresCentral  I'm not sure what that means, but I bet I'll find out.

Yikes!!  It was 55 years ago -- April 6, 1962 actually -- that the Nomads played in the Crawford gym for April a 'la Mode.  Click HERE to revisit the invite.

"Runaway" was #1 on the KDEO Top 40 list from April 22, 1961.  I must have been busy studying.  I don't recall a lot of the songs on this list.  Click HERE for a bigger view.

Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017

I've had this cartoon on hold for months -- just waiting for Easter.

This 1948 aerial of University and Euclid has been making the rounds on Facebook.  I've added it to the Silverado Ballroom Page on my web site.  You might also want to READ AGAIN the Union-Tribune article on the restoration of the ballroom. (Be prepared to swat down the pop-up ads.)

Click HERE to read the 8-page April 13, 1967 Pacer, courtesy of Pat Edwards

Recognize any of these Cougar Track Stars?  Click HERE to see an enlarged photo -- with names -- of the 1967 7th Grade Track "D" Champs.  One of these Stud Muffins went on to pitch for the Boston Red Sox.

Friday, April 7, 2017

April 7, 2017

Rosie Hamlin died last week at the age of 71.  Not sure who she was?  A San Diego girl, she was the lead singer of "Rosie and the Originals", whose 1961 recording of "Angel Baby" became a huge hit. Click HERE to fight your way through pop-up ads and read George Vargas' tribute in the Union-Tribune.

Anyone have a golf cart in the backyard?  The one they've been using at Crawford has apparently bit the dust, and the school is looking for a replacement.  Let me know if you have ideas.

Phyllis Schwartz '72 was right.  The Jim Chilton in Sunday's Union-Tribune is the Crawford classmate who lived in her neighborhood.  Click HERE to read Jim's thoughts on financial planning.

Speaking of the Class of '72, it might be time to revisit the graduation photos submitted some years ago by Ken Burton.  Click HERE to travel back.