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Friday, October 18, 2019

October 18, 2019

I guess it's not too early for Halloween cartoons.  I snagged this off Lulu Anaya Summers' Facebook page.

STOP THE PRESSES!!  Tomorrow's Class of '74 reunion at Admiral Baker Field has been cancelled due to low response, so don't give the guard any grief. 

Speaking of Admiral Baker Field, here's a photo I took at the pool in 1964.  That might be Willie Drescher '63 in the lifeguard tower.

I've finally gotten around to publishing the photos Char Clark took at the Class of '64 55th Reunion.  Posting them on the web seemed too labor intensive.  The iCloud link Char sent confused me.  I thought about putting them on Facebook, but not everyone has Facebook.  I posted photos from earlier reunions on Picasa, but apparently you can no longer access those without becoming a Google member.  I decided to just post the photos on the web like the good old days.  Click HERE to see the results of my labors.

Turns out the College Restaurant has NOT been replaced with a Starbucks.  The Hudson Gas Station at the rear has been replaced with a Starbucks.  The Daily Grind is now serving coffee and breakfast in the old College Restaurant site.

Friday, October 11, 2019

October 11, 2019

Sandie Robbins Knox '61 wants me to remind you that there's not a lot of time left to enter your Little Deuce Coupe in the big Crawford car show.  She wants you to call her at 619-286-8806.  You can also email her at

Crawford played Clairemont at Hoover 60 years ago this week.  Kickoff was at 8 PM!!  Click HERE to check out the rosters.

The Cassie brothers say their dad Les wasn't in this 1935 Hoover High baseball photo because a technical rules violation made him ineligible.  And Ted Williams didn't have his Senior Photo in the yearbook because he was a Junior.  Click HERE for all the details.

Turns out my neighbor doesn't want the 1935 Hoover yearbook, so I'm offering it to one of you.  Preferably one of the Colts who said their parents graduated from Hoover that year.  

This 1980 photo of the College Restaurant, where Montezuma and El Cajon merge, appeared on Facebook this week.   I think it's a Starbucks now.

Herb (you may have known him as Lonnie) Terry '66 checks in from Indiana University, where he is Professor Emeritus of The Media School.  He's tearing his hair out trying to remember the name of the lumber yard his dad used to take him to on El Cajon Blvd near the Campus Drive-In.  I think I found the answer.

Look what I just found tucked away on the Horace Mann Page of this very web site.  

Friday, October 4, 2019

October 4, 2019

I can see why stores advertise Christmas six weeks early.  They want you to get in and buy and buy and buy.  I can't figure out why they're promoting Halloween a month out.  Maybe they're hoping you'll get your Trick or Treat candy early.  We all know what happens then.  (Hint: you end up going back and buying more)

I must have fallen asleep in the Barcalounger watching Ken Kramer, 'cause I woke up and was looking at my own self.  I looked pretty good, probably because it was a rerun of an interview Ken did many years ago.  CLICK here if you'd like to check it out.  It's not exactly a spoiler alert, but I think the episode is about 20 minutes into a 25 minute show.

Sharon Culver Considine '60 will be honored by the Rancho Santa Fe Women's Golf Club at its annual Breast Cancer Golf Tournament on October 8th.  “Honoring Sharon for all that she has done for the Women’s Golf Club and this event, in particular, is long over due. Our women’s golf group has been so fortunate to have such an experienced and dedicated leader like Sharon,” said this year’s chair Kris Charton.  Click HERE for more details and "the rest of the story". 

My neighbor Sandy wandered over this week with a copy of the 1935 Hoover High annual.  Aha -- said I!!  Ted Williams and Les Cassie!!  Well, sort of.  Les Cassie, father of Tom '62 and Jim '65, is in the annual as a Senior, but not in the baseball team photo.  Ted Williams is in the team photo but not pictured as a Senior.  Maybe he wasn't a Senior.  I'm sure the Cassies will clear things up.  Click HERE to check out the snippets I posted on my web site.

Our old friend Paula Kincaid forwards an excellent Remember the '50s video.  They've done a great job with the background music.  CLICK here for a delightful seven-minute journey. You'll look long and hard for any African-Americans in this clip.  Kind of like my three years at Crawford.  I can't imagine what it must have been like to turn on the TV and never see anyone that looked like you.  

Friday, September 27, 2019

September 27, 2019

Every so often something appears on my TV screen that causes me to sit up in the Barcalounger and wonder if my eyes and ears were deceiving me.  Mission Federal Credit Union is helping to sponsor the Food 4 Kids Backpack Program.  Who better to "help feed San Diego School Children" than Mission Fed spokesperson -- wait for it -- Angie Lasagna!!

I don't promote ALL of the missives of my '62 classmate Ernie Cowan, but most all of them.  Last week's Outdoor column was the delightful "Nature's morning wake-up call on Mt. Whoville".  Click HERE and enjoy.

Last week George Sorenson sent me a photo of some folks from the Class of '69 who had all started out at San Diego State's Campus Lab School.  He also sent a lovely shot of their 1st Grade class in 1958.  I was able to blow up the 1958 class and place it on the School Days Page.  George was never able to locate the person who took the above photo and get a denser version.  If we do get one we'll blow it up and post it also.  Pictured above are:  Robby Wilcox, George Sorensen, Thomas Cook, Terry Potter, Doug Smith, Karen Dilworth, Phil Frye, with Keith Christensen seated in front. Terry Potter went on to be the Crawford Homecoming Queen and George Sorensen the Drum Major of the Marching Band.   George says you can pick them out in the photo below but he didn't say how.

Well, it's been 60 years since the 21st Annual San Diego City Schools Football Carnival was played at Balboa Stadium on September 26, 1959.  Crawford was the host school for the event, and Vern Bowman got his portrait published, although most of his face was blocked out by the face guard on his helmet.  Click HERE to reminisce.  

Without the California Tower as a reference it's hard to tell which way we're looking in this photo of the Cabrillo Bridge taken on July 18, 1915.  Click HERE to look at an enlargement and see what my guess is.

Charles Byrne ’62, passed away September 18, 2019 at his home in Carson City, NV.  Charlie, later known as Chuck, was born in San Diego and attended San Diego State’s Campus Lab School, Jackson Elementary, Horace Mann and Crawford.  He attended the University of Arizona for a year, married, then finished at San Diego State with a degree in Finance.  He worked for several corporations in the San Diego area in finance and accounting before moving to the Silicon Valley area for a number of years.  He then transferred to Carson City, NV in the 1990s where he was CFO, then President and CEO of Hytek Microsystems, Inc. before his retirement.  In his later years, he loved golf, fishing and chilling out at the family cottage on the rocky coast in the Redwoods north of Trinidad, CA.  Chuck is survived by his son Quentin and daughter Christine, both in Nevada, and his brother Mike ’64, of Hudson, MA. 

Friday, September 20, 2019

September 20, 2019

You're invited to the Crawford High Whole Site Modernization groundbreaking on Wednesday, September 25th, from 8:45 to 9:30 AM.  Speakers will include Superintendent Cindy Marten, Board President Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, Chief Facilities Planning and Construction Officer Lee Dulgeroff and new Crawford High Principal Froylan Villanueva. The cheer team will also kick-off the groundbreaking. 

I've scanned and posted the Senior Awards Assembly Program from June 15, 1970.  I think this is the last of the goodies sent to me by Ed Schoenberg a while back.  Click HERE to find out who the big winners were.

Tom Isom is at it again on Facebook.  Here's an 1899 photo of San Diego Harbor printed from a glass negative.  Small world.  Tom, it turns out, is married to Vivien Messick Isom '63.  Tom grew up in Lakeside, but was a lunchtime supervisor at Crawford during the 1966-1967 school year.  Click HERE if you'd like to see an enlarged version of the photo.

I hope you have a 2020 calendar.  Barbara Alvarez wants you to save the date for next year's 50 Year Reunion.  The information is above.   I've also posted it on the Reunions Page.

Frank Alfano ’67, a native San Diegan, died at the age of 70 on September 5, 2019.  Frank was a shortstop at Crawford, leading his team to three consecutive CIF baseball finals.  He was drafted by the New York Mets out of high school but opted for a baseball scholarship at USC, where he was the star of the school’s 1970 and 1971 NCAA champion baseball teams. He went on to play for the Minnesota Twins organization in the Midwest and Carolina leagues. Upon his return to San Diego, he was employed by HomeFed Bank as an Assistant Vice President Administrative/Purchasing Director. He left the financial industry in 1981 to “fight real fires” with the City of San Diego Fire Department and retired as Fire Captain in mid-2007.  For over twenty-three years, Frank was also a high school sports official in San Diego County, officiating baseball, football and track events. He also umpired NCAA and NAIA college baseball games throughout Southern California. He was inducted into the San Diego County Sports Officials Hall of Fame in 2015.  Frank always made his family and friends a priority and was an outdoor enthusiast who enjoyed camping, fly fishing, and hiking. His favorite annual road trip was the Moose Lake “Bellinger Bros’ Man Camp” in the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness, Montana.  Frank is survived by, among others, his wife of over 37 years Jane Cruz Alfano and brother, Tony Alfano ’69.

Dan Daniels ’67 passed away July 19, 2019.  Dan was born in Roseburg, Oregon and, at the age of five, moved to Imperial Beach with his Mom and Sister. After attending Crawford he went to Grossmont College, San Diego State, then was in the California National Guard from 1970-1976.   Dan met his wife Kathy on August 2, 1975 and they married on February 9, 1980.  They lived in Rancho Bernardo from 1980 to the present.   In 2008 Dan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Kathy took care of him until a week before his passing.

Friday, September 13, 2019

September 13, 2019

Dave Duncan '63 has now lost two family members to brain cancer.  His wife Jeanine died in 2013.  Son Chris (above) passed away last Friday.   Click HERE to read an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  

Ed Schoenberg has sent me his student handbook from 1968.  It only took me about 20 hours to scan, reformat, and post all 52 pages.  Click HERE to peruse the results of my efforts.  There will be a quiz.

"La La La La" and "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" were Numbers 2 and 3 of the September 19, 1964 KDEO Top 40.  Obviously the Golden Age of Rock and Roll.  Click HERE to check it out.

One of the most stunning historical views of Mission Valley popped up on Facebook last week.  Two, actually.  Click HERE to see them enlarged.

Friday, September 6, 2019

September 6, 2019

Butch Higgins '65 puts together seasonal golf tournaments and this one, a “Back to the Future” gathering, was played at Colina Del Sol, a pitch and putt that most of us played as kids.  Alums from the ‘50s to the ‘70s competed,  including my son Matt (Santana ’93).  Steve Kapchinske '65 won the seasonal trophy on a points basis.  The field included a who’s who of notable San Diegans.  It might be fun to see if your readers can identify them. We're all a little long in the tooth, so it will be tough sledding -- Dan Burton '66 

(Click HERE to check out a whole lot of photos taken by Dale Olson '65.  He posted them via Google photo, which may allow you to make comments -- or name names.  I'm pretty sure Bob Boone is left of center, in a red shirt with a horizontal blue stripe)  

I shoulda posted this last week.  It's the football program from the San Diego-Los Angeles high school game played at Aztec Bowl on August 26, 1959.  Click HERE to check it out.

Turns out, before there was Cinnamon Cinder at 7578 El Cajon Blvd, there was Comanche Bowl.  This is the best I could do for a photo.

Turns out The Contrasts, who followed the coasters on this particular weekend, was a band largely made up of Colts.  That's them below playing a benefit at the Scottish Rite Temple:  Bill Keller on sax, James “Skinny” Bolan on guitar and lead singer, Donny Arnold on drums, Jan Tonnesen on lead guitar, and Kenny Jiampa on bass. I've put all of the Cinnamon Cinder stuff on a web page.  Click HERE to peruse.

Friday, August 30, 2019

August 30, 2019

School has started in the San Diego Unified School District.  You better get over to the Financial Office and pick up your book covers.  Click HERE for more information.

Pictured at the recent Class of '69 reunion were folks who attended Henry Clay Elementary.  (L-R)  Don Pernicano, Paul Miller, Mark Weissmann, Corinne Simpson, Mike Hardin, Chris Scheibel, and Karen Simpson. We were part of Henry Clay’s first class that went all the way through from Kindergarten through sixth grade. Barbara Spielberger, Charlie Richman, and Frank Passiglia also attended the reunion but missed the picture -- Karen Simpson Seidman

This photo of Cinnamon Cinder, 7578 El Cajon Blvd,  popped up on Facebook last week. Did you ever go there?  Me neither.  Did you know it was a chain, owned by LA disc jockey Bob Eubanks?  Me neither.  Click HERE to read all about it.  Below is a current Google Street View of Helix Environmental Planning, which today occupies the site at the northeast corner of El Cajon and Comanche.  I strongly suspect the old building was dozed to make way for this new building.

Cinnamon Cinder made me think about Land of Oden and Bifrost Bridge.  I didn't get out a lot in my youth, if you're wondering how I could think these two things belong together.  Anyway, click HERE to revisit my Bifrost Bridge page.

Jim Vinkemulder ’59 passed away on August 3, 2019.  After graduation Jim moved to La Puente, CA, where he met and married Carla Nelson in 1961 and had two daughters.  He became part owner of Steve Hurd Motorcycles in Montebello and part owner of Whittier Kawasaki also.  When the shops were sold,  Jim had various other jobs throughout his life, the last eighteen years with Azusa Pipe and Tube Bending where he retired from.  Jim's family became dune buggy enthusiasts and hit the desert every chance they could. Jim and Carla became grandparents in the early 1990s with a granddaughter and grandson of whom he was so proud. Jim will be truly missed by all who knew him.

Friday, August 23, 2019

August 23, 2019

Once upon a time there were 10 Pernicano brothers and they each owned a pizza parlor.  Crawford students may recall the one on 55th and El Cajon.  Three of the pizza restaurants remain, but the one in Pacific Beach -- the last to be run by an original brother -- will close on September 15th.  I've been a regular customer for 40 years and was in the house on Friday last when Channel 10 stuck a microphone in my face.  Click HERE if you want to see what Channel 10 shared with its viewers.

The first color photos I've seen of Westgate Park appeared yesterday on Facebook, thanks to the mysterious Pea Hicks.  It included several shots of an Easter Service.  In one of the shots, through the trees, you can spot the Super Chief diner on Friar's Road (it was a Santa Fe train replica like the Haynes Streamliner on El Cajon Blvd).  You may need to have Facebook to access these views.  Cross your fingers and click HERE.

The Rolando Park contingent posed for a photo at last weekend's Crawford Class of '69 50th Anniversary Reunion.  From left to right: Steve Fontana, Bonnie Werth, Alan Burrows, Dave Wion, Laurie Peters, Joan Thatcher, Kelly Collier, Gene Krieser, Dick Park, Anne Bracket and Tim Levas

Ed Schoenberg '70 has sent along a care package, which includes what I assume is the 1966 Graduation Issue of the Horace Mann Cougar Times.   Click HERE to peruse all six pages.