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Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 27, 2014

OH, MAN, I KNEW IT! The mornings are already darker.  Well, maybe I’m overreacting.  I’m not sure where Nancy and I will brunch this morning. Possibly the new Broken Yolk on Midway, since we have to stop by what’s left of the Midway Post Office.  (Hint:  there’s NOTHING left, except the bulk mail facility, and that’s been moved north across the parking lot. Hold on — the post office building is still there, it’s just no longer open)

San Diegans in general and Padre fans in particular are mourning the death of the delightful Tony Gwynn.  Charles Wax ‘68 shares an autographed photo of himself between Tony AND Ted Williams — two of the greatest hitters ever.

Jerry Ellis ‘61 shares a recent photo taken in Australia.  From right to left that’s Jerry, daughter-in-law Samantha, and son Matt.  Jerry learned that it’s hard for a 70 year old to keep up with two 30-somethings.

There are two kinds of Blue Jays in San Diego’s back country.  Ernie Cowan ‘62, who took these photos, tells you all about them in an article in last Saturday’s U-T.  Click HERE to read the article.

Kiley Schlader thought I might be interested in some photos of her parents that she recently posted on Facebook.  Boy was she right!!  This shot, taken by her grandpa around 1963, shows her mom — Diana Morawitz Schlader Kruse ‘72 — taking a spin on a llama on the corner of 54th & El Cajon.  Heavenly Donuts, in the corner, is advertising Puff Nuts.  Her photos also include 1970 night shots of the Westward Ho and Aztec Motels, with her dad Joe hanging around suspiciously in a cowboy hat.  Click HERE to check them out.