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Friday, May 25, 2018

May 25, 2018

Well, THAT year went fast!!  It's time, once again, to remember those who gave everything for us.  Click HERE to visit the Colts Who Died In Vietnam page.

I've held on to this for a year -- I just can't remember who sent it to me originally.

Last Sunday's San Diego Union-Tribune Entertainment Section was all about the upcoming Lipinsky Family Jewish Festival.  That's Jeffrey and Sheila Smith Lipinsky above.  Yale Strom and his wife Elizabeth Schwartz (below) will perform on June 5th.  Sheila is a 1964 Colt, while Yale graduated in 1975. 

I came across a cute historical snippet by Angela Landsberg.  It's about a 1977 bus ride from her home on Park Boulevard to Palisade Gardens in North Park.  Click HERE and enjoy!!

Angela Landsberg's 1977 trip to Palisade Garden took place 41 years ago.  The May 23, 1968 Pacer pays tribute to Mrs. Lois Perry, who retired after a teaching career that lasted 41 years.  1977 doesn't seem that long ago.  For Mrs. Perry it meant she taught at Wilson Junior High the year it opened -- in 1925!!  Click HERE to read more