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Friday, May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017

It's Memorial Day Weekend again and time to think about those who defended our country.  It's also an opportunity to visit the Colts Who Died In Vietnam page.  

Ron, from B and R Computers, has begun to rescue some of my vital Filemaker data.  Class of '59 newsletter subscribers WILL be getting their June renewal notices. Thank you, Cherilyn Larson Charfauros '71 for the referral.

An article in last week's U-T talked about when the Crawford baseball program, in its heyday, sent five catchers to the Major Leagues.  The current team won its first game last week when the the opposing nine forfeited.  Click HERE to read the article -- and get the names of those five Colt big leaguers.  Click HERE to check out the GoFundMe page for the current program.  Click HERE to buy Joe Naiman's book on Amazon.

The May 25, 1967 Golden Anniversary Pacer includes a two-page del Potrillo literary supplement.   I recognize the by-lines of authors Steve Ko and Mike Van Horne.  Click HERE to read the whole issue.


Bret Boone was born in El Cajon and went to Eldorado High School in Placentia. His brother Aaron, also a big league player, was born in La Mesa and went to Villa Park High School in Villa Park.
Tom Tift ’75

I was at the Little Padres Park dedication at Morley Field on Feb 9, 2000.  It's called Ted Williams Field.  Ted Williams was wheeled onto the field by Bob Breitbard and others for the dedication.  There was a photo op with Ted standing at the plate with a bat.  Then Ted spoke about the Padres and new Padre Bret Boone, who was there:  " I played with Bret's grandfather and have seen Bret play. He's going to be a great addition to the team, with a long career" etc
Hope Bret wrote that down!  A little kid came up to Ted and got an autograph -- very rare.  
Good Luck Jake.
Lou Galper '71

Bob Boone’s sister was one year ahead of me through school, from Montezuma Grammar School on up, and the other Boone kids were in my sisters’ grades.  Grandpa Ray went to school with my Mom at Hoover, and their Mom (Pat Boone) taught my sister to swim through her backyard swimming lessons!  I also believe Pat Boone was in Ester Williams movies as a swimmer at one time!  Grandpa Ray was a baseball scout.  Celebrities in our midst!  
Debra Rogers Park ’72

Kids that grew up on the South side of San Diego may remember the Klingman Dairy between 47th and Euclid, and Fairmont.  A rather exclusive neighborhood.  When I was a kid I got up at 4 AM for a paper route that included both sides of Ridgeview Drive, crossed Euclid, and went all the way to the boundary of Marshall  Elementary School.  Gee -- is that a character builder?  Screw you Richard Morse for having the afternoon paper route.
William Frost ’66

Friday, May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017

I'm not sure where Bret Boone went to high school, but his grandpa Ray went to Hoover and his dad Bob is a Colt from '65.  Turns out Bret's son Jake is a standout at Torrey Pines and will most likely enter the pros.  Click HERE to read the article in the May 15th Union-Tribune.  (I hope you have better luck than I did.  The ads come at you from all directions)

Rosemary Erickson’s family came to San Diego long enough for her to attend Horace Mann for one year and Crawford for two.  Then it was back to the family farm in South Dakota.  Rosemary eventually returned for an MA at San Diego State, spending “half” her life here.  She’s written a book about her father, which you can order on Amazon.  She must have moved back to South Dakota because she's having a book signing in Sioux Falls on June 11.  You can read all about Rosemary on her Athena Research web site.

This Vintage San Diego color shot looks west from Arizona and University.  I'm sharing it for folks who remember Hudson Gasoline.  Also, the sandwich board says "Gas War" and the price apparently is 9/10 of one cent.

Dan Burton '66 sends word of the passing of his classmate Bob "Zooks" Zykwa on May 11th at the VA Hospital in La Jolla from diabetes complications.  Nancy Watson complains to this day of being picked last in everything due to her surname.  And it got worse when she became Nancy Watson Wingo.  Bob was listed last in the '66 Centaur -- and I'll bet a whole lot of other roll calls.

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 12, 2017

Thursday last I upgraded the operating system on my iMac.  I knew this would entail upgrading software.  I didn't realize that my internet would shut down, that my printer would quit working, and that I would no longer be able to access my financial and database programs.  The Mac expert who did the original upgrade returned and got my internet working.  Later in the day I learned that my original software was so aged that it was no longer accessible.  My Mac expert, in the meantime, went in for surgery on his hand, which he had been led to believe was a simple two-hour outpatient procedure.  As of Tuesday, he was home in bed.  He is scheduled to return next Tuesday to see what can be saved.

It was 40 years ago last week that Randy Jones pitched a complete game that lasted 89 minutes.   Click HERE to read the article in the U-T and learn why the San Diego Chicken is still steamed. There are also quotes from Bob Boone '65, who was the catcher for the other team.

We're getting down to the last few Golden Anniversary Pacers from the 1966-1967 school year. Click HERE to read the issue from May 11, 1967.

I was taken back all those years by the photo of the Dairy Mart receipt showing the home delivery by Mel Vitek.   He was my milkman from 1965 to 1970, when my husband and I (and kids) lived on Cleo Street.  My kids loved him, he always brought them candy!  The date on the receipt was 1995.  Can't believe Mel was still working then.
Claudia Messerli Baker ’59

The Sign of the Sun was a bookstore.  State students could get some textbooks, new and used, there, as well as other books.  They also sold some records (remember vinyl?), especially Folkways Records.  In the evenings they held concerts and sometimes films, usually "art" or vintage films.  While I was at State (60-64), I played a few opener sets there and also recorded a few concerts for them and was a projectionist for some of the films.  I usually took my pay in Folkways records rather than cash -- the records were otherwise expensive for a college student.  I saw a lot of great folk musicians there, close up and personal because the place wasn't very big.  The flyer you reproduced was a good example.  They featured nationally known musicians and local folks.  I'm not sure I'd call it a coffeehouse.  I don't recall much in the way of food or drink being part of the events.  It was more of a small concert setting.   The store moved, I think in the late ‘60s, but I don't remember exactly where to, and I recall the name was changed at that time or shortly afterwards.  I think it eventually went out of business. 
Clyde Tyndale '60 

I lived on 60th Street between El Cajon Blvd and Adams.  I remember Sign of the Sun and all the hippies and SDSU students going there.  In 1974 it became the Moze Guitar shop on the corner of College and Adams.
George Glover ’73

Do you remember Circe's Cup (cannot remember the exact name??)??  I think it was on College, right near the main entry to SDSC.
Larry E. Burnworth ’64

In the 1950s, on El Cajon Blvd out past Monte Hall's Playland, and as I recall, right at the crest before the Blvd dropped down into El Cajon, on the right side of the road (south side) there was a restaurant that had big cages outside with monkeys.  It was a nice restaurant.  Our family and the other relatives who lived in San Diego would go there for Sunday dinner sometimes, and, when the relatives were out from the midwest, we'd always take them there.   Anyone recall what the name of this restaurant was? 
Rene Eustace ’63
Darby, MT 

Last week's photo of President Truman motoring up Washington St on a 1948 tour of San Diego, caused me to recall the old Palomar Miniature Golf Course.  I found this Howard Hagan column in the San Diego Union of November 1, 1964

The miniature golf course was directly across from El Indio.  It was surrounded with Bougainvillea and was a beautiful place.  The Mobil gas station replaced it.   It is blacktop now. 
Dudley Mills ’59

I played miniature golf at Five Points.  Lots of fun.  Between the ages of 4 - 11,  I lived in North Park, which was only seven miles from Five Points.  During my years at SDSU I was a relief milk truck driver on a Dairy Mart Farms route in Del Cerro.    
Ernie Dronenburg ’61

Friday, May 5, 2017

May 5, 2017

Need I say more?

Crawford Soccer Coach Chassion Griggs reminds me that it was a year ago -- May 2, 2016 to be exact -- that we were able to send some Colts to College.  Click HERE to get the details -- and maybe donate again.

A series of photos resurfaced on Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page showing President Truman's visit to San Diego on September 24, 1948.  This one looks east on Washington and San Diego Avenue, at what we used to call Five Points.   The tower at the right is the old Palomar Laundry.  I'm sharing this to see if anyone remembers the wonderful miniature golf course that, I believe, was taken away when they built I-5.

When did San Diego dairies quit making home deliveries?  The question came up on a local Facebook page and Owen Western '63 weighed in.  Click HERE to see the document he presented to the jury.

Here's an ad for "Sign of the Sun" from 1966.  I gather it was a coffee house at 4701 College Avenue. Click HERE for a nice enlargement.